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The Skinny on Summit County Taxes

Summit County may be the most breathtaking county to live in within the US. With the highest concentration of ski, snowboard and winter sports arenas in the world, this section of the Rocky Mountains is a snow lover's dream come true. The summer and fall of Summit County real estate offers just as many fun activities to pass the time until world class skiing begins again.

The typical Summit County real estate is located in a town that is small, quaint and posh. Towns like Dillon, Silverthorne and Breckenridge offer a variety of services and shopping experiences along their main streets. Homes are pricey compared to Denver, the nearest metropolitan area, but you get so much more than a house. You get security, tranquility and views out every window without the added cost or chaos of city living. All this satisfaction isn't without some price, though.



When you move to the town of Silverthorne, you join another 5000 or so lucky souls. Silverthorne tax rates are as follows:

Town of Silverthorne sales tax - 2%

Colorado sales tax - 2.9%

Summit County sales tax - 2%

Summit County Mass Transit District tax - 0.75%

Businesses pay an annual license and sales tax fee of $75

Silverthorne sales tax for lodging - 2%

In 2003, the Town of Silverthorne received $3.15 million in real estate transfer tax, $600,000 more than expected. Most of this was made in the usually-quiet winter months. Surprisingly, though, their other tax revenue was down about 4% the same year. Apparently while the housing market boomed the other expenditures did not.

"Would we have preferred it to work out differently? Absolutely," Lance Hills, the Silverthorne sales tax auditor said of the sales and accommodations tax revenues. "But are we happy? Yes. We're doing a lot better. We still provided every service in 2003, and we didn't eliminate any positions. Those are things the council was adamant about, and we were still able to do that."



The Town of Dillon offers a plethora of winter and summer activities. Within a thirty minute drive of almost any home in Dillon you can ski or ride at any of the four nearby slopes during the winter and spring. During the warmer months, you can join the yacht club, fish the reservoir, tour the brewery or hike one of the dozens of trails nearby.

Dillon tax rates are as follows:

Town of Dillon sales tax - 2%

Colorado sales tax - 2.9%

Summit County sales tax - 2%

Summit County Mass Transit District tax - 0.75%

Dillon sales tax for lodging - 2%



The mountain Town of Breckenridge is another wonderful town for real estate investments. The growth of Breckenridge has steadily been on the rise for the past decade.

Breckenridge real estate transfer tax is charged to the buyer of any and all property in Breckenridge. The rate is charged at the rate of 1% of the total purchase price. Once the tax is received by the treasurer of the Town of Breckenridge the property deed is recorded at the county clerk and recorders office of Summit County. The paperwork is typically including in the closing of property if you close with a local title company.

Breckenridge tax rates are as follows:

Town of Breckenridge sales tax - 2.5%

Colorado sales tax - 2.9%

Summit County sales tax - 2%

Summit County Mass Transit District tax - 0.75%

Breckenridge sales tax for lodging - 2%

Average property tax 80424


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