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breckenridge photos pictures It can be hard to say good-bye to the breathtaking views of a mountain vacation, but you don’t have to leave it behind forever. Shooting Breckenridge photos allows you to bring the memories with you when you return home. When your time in the Colorado sunshine ends, you can still relive it all with your digital or film memories.


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Summer Breckenridge Photos

In the summertime, Breckenridge is perfect for hiking and biking. Explore the mountains on foot or bicycle, but don’t forget your camera. The area is full of trails that will lead you up to the pines and meadows of Ten Mile Range. Inside the forest, mountain wildlife such as bear, elk, fox and rabbits move around, and the meadows burst with colorful wildflowers. Breckenridge, Colorado photo opportunities are literally around every turn with fantastic scenery and wildlife sightings.
Impressive snow-capped peaks provide a fantastic backdrop for Breckenridge photos. Ride the Colorado SuperChair to the top of Peak 8 and take in the endless views. The Breckenridge mountains seem to go on forever, and you can preserve them forever in your photographs.
Hike back down the mountain at your leisure, stopping along the way to catch candid shots of chipmunks and birds. Take still shots of the multitude of wildflowers. In the fall, when the aspen leaves begin to turn their characteristic bronze hue, preserve the shimmer of a golden forest in your Breckenridge photos.

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to take crisp, vivid Breckenridge mountain pictures. Otherwise, direct mid-day sun tends to create pictures that look more washed out.


Winter Breckenridge Mountain Photos

In the late fall through early spring, Breckenridge becomes a winter wonderland. Deep snowfall accumulates, softening the edges of an already photogenic town. Breckenridge photos of Victorian style homes with snow on the roof and smoke rising from the chimney paint the perfect portrait of a cozy Colorado winter.
Winter sports abound in Breckenridge. Action shots of a first attempt at snow boarding provides fodder for family laughter in the evening sitting in front of the lodge fire. Little girls on ice skates create whimsical photos for the office or home. Capture the excitement of a downhill run or a dog sledding tour on film, and relive the thrill with your Breckenridge photos weeks after the fun ends.
The woods truly stand out in the winter. While a beginning skier should reconsider bringing a camera onto the slopes, there are many other opportunities to find winter shots for your Breckenridge, Colorado photo collection. A sleigh ride or snowshoe expedition offers the chance to capture fields of sparkling powder.

Breckenridge is home to several artist studios, including photographers, who specialize in beautiful Colorado nature scenery. No matter the season, or your personal degree of comfort with a camera, it’s simple to find beautiful Breckenridge photos to share with your friends and family.
Most of the photos are a courtesy of the Breckenridge photographer Rima Stones. You can contact him via  e-mail to order the photos.

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