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Colorado Mountain Express has been an excellent and reliable Breckenridge transportation provider in the Rocky Mountain Region for over 20 years. Flexible shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge schedule for comfortable daily door-to-door Breckenridge shuttles to Denver International Airport will help you be on time for your flight. Book shuttle from Denver airport to Breckenridge Colorado any time and the shuttle will pick you up at the Denver airport and take you right to your place in Breckenridge ski resort. Special rates available for parties of three or more traveling together. 10% discount available if you book .

Shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge

Scheduled shuttle service from Denver airport to Breckenridge

All rates are one-way, per person

Denver Intl Airport To:            
Summit County:

You will see a discount rate when you select your destination.

Shuttle Service from Denver to Breckenridge -Thank you for booking with us! All fares subject to change

Denver Airport Shuttle Schedules

Shuttles depart the Denver International Airport for Breckenridge every hour on the half hours from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm with an additional late night departure at 11:00 pm. Breckenridge to Denver Shuttles pick up in Breckenridge every hour, starting at 5:30 am and running until 7:30 pm.
*Winter time scheduler
*Schedules subject to change

What are your hours of operation. If my son arrives 11:40 pm, will you transport him to Breckenridge the same evening, and if so how long will he wait for departure. Thanks Larry.
Our final shuttle departing Denver to Breckenridge is at 11pm so he will be unable to catch that shuttle.  Our first shuttle of the day departs the airport at 8:30am (we have hourly shuttles until 9:30pm ) - winter time schedule

Hi! I'm interested in booking a shuttle from DIA to Breckenridge. My current flight lands at 3:05pm in Denver, but I'm going to try to fly standby to arrive earlier in the day. Would I be able to catch an earlier shuttle than the one I would potentially book? I won't know if I can get on an earlier flight until Wednesday morning. Thanks for your help! Liz

Hi Liz, We are pretty flexible and as long as there is availability on earlier Breckenridge shuttle we will happily move your reservation up for you. It all will depend on availability but if you do get an earlier flight give us a call as soon as you can so we can update the reservation. Thanks! Grant

I live in Denver. Do you pick up anywhere else besides DIA?
Thank you for your interest in Breckenridge shuttle transportation. Yes, Colorado Mountain Express is now offering shuttle service to/from downtown Denver (Marriott City Center, Hyatt Regency Convention Center, Sheraton Denver Downtown) and Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail and Beaver Creek. , Also we do offer a private SUV service that can go anywhere in Denver.  Rates vary depending on locations and dates.


Hi there, I have a College age Ministry Group needs shuttle service from DIA to the house in Breckenridge and back to the airport, our group size is 17 - 20.. I see you only go up to 10 on reservations.. do you have availability for a larger group like ours?
Hello, We would be able to service your group in 2 vans only. Our largest vehicles are 10 passengers.


If our flight is scheduled to land at at DIA at 6:00 pm on 3/15 can we catch a 6:30 Denver Airport shuttle to Breckenridge? Thanks Renee

If you are looking at 6:30 pm shuttle to Breckenridge Summit County, it is very unlikely you would make it. By the time you deplane, get on the train to the main terminal and get your luggage, it takes more than 30 minutes. If you missed your shuttle, we would move you to the next available airport shuttle to breckenridge, but that might not be the one an hour later. It could be several hours. I would recommend allowing at least 45 minutes to get everything done, check in and catch your Breckenridge shuttle. Sincerely, Jennifer

Colorado Mountain Express's Top 25 Things to Know

Over the past 3 years, I have taken many calls with guests asking very important questions about
Colorado Mountain Express. In an effort to address most of the commonly asked questions, I decided to create this section below.

1) Colorado Mountain Express serves Vail, Minturn, Avon, Beaver Creek, Edwards, Aspen, Snowmass, El Jebel, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Silverthorne, Dillon and Frisco

2) Colorado Mountain Express offers three different Breckenridge ground transportation services.
- Door to Door shared ride shuttle service (you share a van with 9 other passengers)
- Private Car Service (you get picked up in either a Cadillac sedan, 4-wheel drive SUV or executive van)
- Charter van service (same vans as the shared ride shuttle but it will only have your group in there.
Tip: CME charter van service is a great option for parties of 6 or more who are looking for a cost effective way to get to their destination.

3) For budget conscientious travelers and Colorado mountain locals, Colorado Mountain Express offers CME Point-to-Point. Unlike door-to-door shuttle service where we will drop you off at your hotel or condo, with CME Point-to-Point, we pick you up at Denver International Airport and bring you to one specific location in the area you are visiting. And it’s about 30% less expensive than our door-to-door service. Point-to-Point Locations Summit County: (Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper mountains): Frisco Transportation Center Vail and Beaver Creek: Vail Transportation Center Aspen/Snowmass: Brush Creek and 82
Tip: If you book CME point to point service online, it’s an additional $5.00 off.
Tip: Some hotels run Breckenridge shuttles to and from the point-to-point drop off areas. Check with your hotel to make sure. Also, local bus service is available and stops at most locations. For Summit County visit Summit Stage. Vail Valley visitors check out ECO Transit, and for Aspen/Snowmass/Glenwood Springs visit RFTA.


4) CME departs Denver International Airport once an hr in season from 8:00am until 11pm to Vail/Beaver Creek, once an hr from 8:30am to 9:30pm to Summit County (with a late night departure at 11pm) and less frequently to Aspen/Snowmass. CME departs DIA every hour and a half from 9:30 am until 9:30pm in the off season. Season: (Nov. 22 – April 20) Off season: (April 21 – Nov. 21st)
Tip: If you have an early morning departure from Denver International (flight leaving before 10am) CME recommends heading to Denver the night before and staying at a hotel at the Airport or booking CME private car service


5) Denver International Airport recommends that all passengers arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to departure. CME complies with
that timeline.


6) The CME counter at DIA is located at the Ground Transportation section on baggage claim level (5).MAP
Tip: CME cannot check passengers in until they have their luggage. Please check in 10 minutes prior to departure.
Tip: If you have checked luggage, please allow 45 minutes from when your plane lands to CME shuttle departure time.


7) What is the distance from Denver airport to Breckenridge? The distance from Denver to Breckenridge is 104.1 mi. It takes approximately 2 hrs to DIA from Breckenridge , 2,5 hrs from Vail, and 5 hrs from Austin. In the wintertime, those times can
increase to an hour or more depending on weather.
Tip: Sunday travel can be slow especially after the ski resorts close for the day. There are a lot of local travelers heading back to Denver.
CME adds in additional time to get to DIA on Sunday afternoons and holidays.


8) It takes about 1 hr. 45 minutes from Eagle County Airport to Aspen and about 45 or so minutes to Vail.


9) Colorado Mountain Express shuttle times are flight specific from Eagle County Regional Airport. If your flight is late, no worries, we wait until it arrives.
Tip: Colorado Mountain Express only runs shuttle service between Eagle County Airport and Aspen/Snowmass in the winter season.
(Dec. 17 – April 05). CME offers discounted CME Premier service the rest of the year.
Tip: CME does not provide shared ride shuttle service between Eagle Airport and Summit county.


10) To find out CME departure schedule times for Denver International or Eagle County Regional airport, click on the schedules link.
Tip: Your pickup/drop off times are calculated based on your flight time. It's best to have your flight booked before booking Colorado
Mountain Express.


11) Colorado Mountain Express Shuttle Service only travels between the 3 Rocky Mountain resort areas and the two Airports (DIA and Eagle County Airport).
For customized routes, CME Premier Private Car service can accommodate.
Tip: All shared ride shuttles can make up to 10 stops for pick/up – drop/off. This means that you may be in the van for other guest pick/up or drop offs.


12) CME provides customized transportation for nights on the town or if you want to see a show or sporting event in Denver.
local rates at a 3 hr. minimum.


13) When booking online or over the phone, CME Requires a credit card to confirm all reservations.


14) If you are staying in a condo or private home, please include the unit number and/or building number so we know where to pick you up or
drop you off.


15) You can cancel or change any reservation outside of 24hrs of travel date with no penalty. Any reservation cancelled within 24hrs cannot be changed and/or refunded.


16) Colorado Mountain Express allows a maximum of 3 bags includes sports equipment. – CME vans have outside ski/snowboard racks that can hold your equipment. Because of variable weather conditions, your ski/snowboard bag may get wet.


17) CME does not allow pets on our shared ride airport shuttle services.


18) CME provides car seats for children ages 10-4 or up to 40lbs. CME does not provide infant seats.


19) Colorado Mountain Express takes your safety extremely serious and unfortunately we cannot control the Rocky Mountain weather. There are times when I-70 Colorado is closed due to poor weather conditions. If I-70 is open and the Colorado State Patrol advises us that it is safe to drive, CME will be in operation. However if I-70 is closed, CME will be unable to resume operations until it is reopened.
Tip: If you would like to change your reservation to an earlier time due to weather, please call our reservations number 800.525.6363 to reschedule. CME will make every effort to accommodate you.


20)Denver to Breckenridge transportation. Drivers travel up and down I-70 over 9.5 million miles per year. That equals to approximately 15.3 million km or 20 round trips to the moon.


21) CME drivers must complete and pass 2 weeks of intensive driver training including course training at the Colorado Center for Transportation Safety before they are allowed to drive for Colorado Mountain Express.


22) Colorado Mountain Express is a partner of the Colorado State Patrol. Van to Breckenridge from DIA


23) CME charter and private car service are equipped with dvd players. Guests traveling on CME Premier services are welcome to bring their own dvd’s for their enjoyment. Water is available for all Charter and Private car services.


24) CME has great travel planning tools for your upcoming trip.


25) As a courtesy, Colorado Mountain Express asks that our guests refrain from cell phone use and keep IPODS, MP3s, etc. at a low level while on shared ride shuttles.

Leah Olson
Colorado Mountain Express -Shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge

Denver to Breckenridge shuttle 9,2 ?? 10 on basis of 7 reviews

Reviews for shuttle from Denver Airport to Breckenridge

OMG. Awesome customer service. Did not blink an eye when I needed to change my reservation for 4 down to 3 (granted I was about a week or two in advance) and still applied a promotional rate. Sent me a new reservation email and everything -- and then when I got to the Denver airport a half hour early, they got us on a shuttle right away and we didn't have to wait an extra hour for our scheduled shuttle!!!

They were quick, safe; took between 2-2.5 hrs from Denver International to Breckenridge. All the shuttles had wifi and the driver's were fun to chat with.

Superb service, used them twice now. ★★★★★

Jennie K.
Austin, TX


Finally the airline found the car seat and I walked back to the CME desk to see Rachel wandering around the area. She said "I was looking for you! We are upgrading you to our CME Premier private car service at no extra charge so you and your son will be more comfortable. You can leave whenever you are ready!" Rachael explained that CME always upgrades guests from the shared ride shuttles to the exclusive SUV's if that vehicle would be heading back up empty otherwise. This was a dream come true! I thought the great experience ended here...but our driver, Paul made it even better. He made me feel so safe and comfortable the entire way. Half way home, after nice casual conversation with Paul, I realized that I would not be able to go home and relax after a long travel day. I now have a newborn to take care I decided to nap in the comfortable SUV. I think this last hour of travel with CME was the most relaxed I have been in a while! My son was sleeping, we were safe and in great hands. Needless to say, this was definitely an experience of a lifetime and a CME fan for life." ★★★★

Susan H., 1/2012


What more can you ask for... got picked up at Copper Village, and made it to Denver airport in plenty of time, even if my flight had not been delayed! Much easier than driving myself, no traffic hastles... just door to door shuttle service. ★★★★

Mercer Island WA



Got off the plane and walked to get our luggage and there was a clearly marked spot for shuttle from Denver Airport to Breckenridge. I went over to check in and the hotel had booked us for a round trip from Denver (we flew in to Breckenridge and out of Denver), the lady at the desk was incredibly friendly and switched the reservation and credited my credit card for the difference.

It took about 10 minutes to get a van, and we were the only passengers. It is a short ride to the resort, but the driver constantly spoke, and it was all about how slow it was, and how they depend on tips to make a living....a bit much for me.

Anyway we were dropped off right at the front door of the hotel.

On the way down to Denver - great Australian driver picked us up 4 hours before our flight....way too early...but it had snowed the night before and a bunch of flights were cancelled out of those people were re booked into our van. We were the first pickup, and sat in the second row of seats (there are three rows) and we went over to Vail to pick up some people who were re booked out of Denver.

The van became VERY full.....there were 10 passengers and the driver. We stopped 1/2 way down the mountain, and it was a needed break. The weather and traffic were pretty bad at the top of the mountain, but got better the further we got down.

We were the last drop off at AA, and I was happy to be out. The trip was not that bad, but really crowded. I would definitely fly out of Breckenridge next time, could have skied 1/2 a day. ★★★★★

Matthew W.
Aurora, IL



I have been going out to Breckenridge using the airport shuttle for the past 4 years and always had a smooth and friendly trip. The drivers are always very accommodating and friendly. The drivers also have an interesting story about how they got to Colorado - which is always exciting to hear.

I have had only one issue with my luggage getting on the correct bus. It took me about 4 hours to finally receive it. However, I was able to spend some quality time with friends at a local bar in Breck. ★★★★★

Emily H.
McLean, VA



I am really happy I chose to use CME shuttle to and from the Denver airport. It was $57 each way per person and it was worth it. Our driver from the airport loaded all of our bags and got us there quickly and carefully. I had to change my pickup location for the return trip to the airport and it was flawless. They got us to the airport with time to spare even though it had snowed in breckenridge. Definitely a good deal. ★★★★★

John B.
Arlington, VA


Thank you, Daniel and CME for getting us from Denver airport to Breckenridge safely...

My boyfriend made the arrangements, so I was literally just 'along for the ride' but I was pleasantly surprised at how well organized and efficient shuttle from Denver Airport to Breckenridge was, how friendly their staff was, and how smooth the entire process was. All four hours of the drive. Yes, I did say four hours! Because of the snow and the roads, etc... it did take almost four hours, but hey - they put safety first, so I can't complain.

The van was full but the others were friendly and we made the best of the situation. Nice to meet you John, Heather, Lynn, and a few others too. Thanks for putting up with my boyfriend's humor along the way. I liked the place we stopped - clean bathroom and plenty of snacks to choose from. You can't go wrong with that!

At $71 bucks a head, I thought it was a bit pricey, but so is everything related to the sport of skiing, right? I'll update my review after my trip back on Sunday, but as of now, I'd give 5 stars to CME for service and safety - 3 stars for price... and with that, I'm out - it's beautiful here! ★★★★★

Gabi M.
Phoenix, AZ


These guys were great. Prompt, friendly and went beyond in customer service. I would highly recommend and use again . I left a very small unmarked bag with my sunglasses in it on the van. I recieved a phone call an hour after my drop off from the driver while I was on the slopes. He drove back to our rental and dropped it off at the front porch. Thanks ! ★★★★



Convenient Breckenridge Transportation

Breckenridge transportation is something that many people have to consider when they want to travel in and around the Summit County, Colorado area. It's easy enough to get to Breckenridge, because there are literally hundreds of flights that come into the Denver International Airport every day as well as flights that come into two other regional airports. Planning a trip to Breckenridge is quite simple, especially because it's so easy to get to the area to enjoy a weekend on the slopes!

Transportation from the Denver International airport to Breckenridge is not difficult but it will take a bit of time. Breckenridge is 104 miles from the Denver international airport. If you are traveling from the airport, you will simply take Interstate 70 to exit 203 and then continue south on highway 9 to Breckenridge. If you are traveling to Breckenridge from the Eagle County Regional Airport you'll be traveling 63 miles by taking Interstate east to Frisco, which is exit 203. You'll then turn right onto highway 9 and travel nine miles to Breckenridge. If you are traveling to Breckenridge from Colorado Springs Airport, you'll take highway 24 west. At Hartsel you'll take highway 9 north about 33 miles and then you'll find yourself in Breckenridge.

If you need to rent a car to travel to Breckenridge, you won't have a hard time doing that at all! Denver to Breckenridge transportation is huge business for all of the Breckenridge car rentals agencies including Hertz, Alamo, Thrifty, and Dollar car rentals. If you are looking for Breckenridge transportation from Denver airport, you'll find that the Colorado Mountain Express will help get you to and from Breckenridge quite conveniently.

For transportation around Breckenridge CO you'll find that the Free shuttle travels through Breckenridge going to all of the resorts and hot spots. The Free shuttle Ride program will take passengers around the perimeter of town, making it easy to get to shops, restaurants, and events. The town trolley serves The Village at Breckenridge base area, as well as downtown and in-town hotels, motels, and other lodging. The town trolley is convenient because it runs from 9am until midnight during ski season, which is the most popular time of the year for Breckenridge Colorado.

Of course, there is always a taxi if you need to get somewhere specific and you don't have a car, a rental, or the trolley or Free shuttle Ride doesn't go in that direction. Summit Taxi is known to be reliable, relatively affordable, and is a great option when you don't have any other Breckenridge transportation options.

Breckenridge is a very easy place to travel to and from. Breckenridge transportation around the area is easy because so many people come in and out of the area that don't like to or don't know how to drive in the snow. If you need to get to Breckenridge, you'll have a variety of shuttle from Denver airport to Breckenridge options, whether you are flying in, driving in, or just need travel arrangements for around town. Breckenridge offers great skiing opportunities and is really convenient, too. There's no bus from Denver to Breckenridge


Free Shuttle around Summit County , Bus Service

Summit Stage System Map Schedule

Summit Stage 970-668-0999
Breckenridge Transit Information 970-547-3140
Keystone Transit 970-496-4200


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