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Art on a Whim Gallery Breckenridge

Art on a Whim Breckenridge gallery

Welcome to Breckenridge! A word of advice: don't look down!! From 9,600 feet the view can be daunting. Make sure you drink a lot of water too. Hydration is a good idea at high altitudes. So is stopping at a bathroom before you come to our gallery (don't worry, we've got one for you). Art on a Whim is here to make you laugh.

Opened in December of 2007, Art on a Whim came to Breckenridge with a very unique and much funnier idea for an art gallery. Walk in and you're greeted by a colorful courtroom scene of shark fins swimming toward the judge's bench. Artist Jeff Leedy fittingly calls it, "Counsel Approaching the Bench" Leedy doesn't start or stop at finding humor in the American legal system. Much of his work features cats and dogs pursuing activities that every pet owner knows all to well, such as hogging the bed or requesting to be fed. Of course, people are fair game too and everyone from golfers to skiers, to wine drinkers to tax payers will surely see themselves in Leedy's work.

Art on a Whim is also a must see gallery for those wanting to bring home a piece of Colorado. While we can't give you a chunk of the state itself, we do proudly feature the work of a wide array of artists happy to call the place home. The gallery walls are adorned with vivid watercolor and oil pastel paintings of our lovely mountain scenery, batiks of the local wildlife and much more. The shelves and cases are stocked with colorful fused glass and breathtaking sterling silver jewelry. Each artist represented in the gallery was carefully selected because their work has received numerous awards, plenty of recognition and, perhaps most importantly, helps everyone who sees it fall in love with Colorado.

So be sure to stop by while you're in town, have a laugh or three on us and learn more about the Colorado art scene!

Contact info:
Art on a Whim
100 N. Main St. - Towne Square Mall, ground level
Breckenridge, CO


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