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Breckenridge Golf Course Colorado

Situated between luxurious mountain valleys is a world-class Breckenridge golf course in which the people of Breckenridge are most proud of. Breckenridge Golf course, the 27-hole course, was designed by none other than award-winning golfer Jack Nicklaus. It first opened sometime in 1985 and then an addition of a second nine-hole course in 1987; and lastly, a third nine-hole course opened in 2001. See all golf course real estate in Breckenridge

Breckenridge Golf has three courses: Bear, Beaver and Elk. All of these sit behind a majestic backdrop that is the Colorado’s snow-capped mountains.  Around it are lush areas of grass and wetlands. Wildlife abound even as you are playing your round of golf. It is normal to find an elk or a beaver, and on occasion, a bear, within the vicinity.

The Bear Nine
One of two Breckenridge golf courses that opened in 1985, the Bear nine, elevated at 9300 feet above sea level,  was a former landscape named as the Buffalo Flats, which was where miners worked back in the early days. Now, the area is transformed into a graceful but challenging Breckenridge golf course, where players aim their best shot at birdies and pars. The Bear Nine is a very open area mostly surrounded by wetlands and grasslands. It was named rightfully so, as bears normally love to walk around the area in the summer time.

The Beaver Nine

Opening in 1987 was the Beaver course, one characterised with the narrowest fairways. The course was named after beavers ponds found in holes six, eight and nine. There beavers remain active to this very day and has become an integral part of the challenge of playing golf in this course. When Jack Nicklaus designed this place, he intentionally left the beaver habitat untouched. Upon reaching the final hole, you will be greeted by the view of the Buffalo Mountain, a known active volcano.

The Elk Nine
Because the first two nines were successful ventures, it was logical for Breckenridge officials to think of expanding the Breckenridge golf course. Thus, in 2001, the third nine opened and was the widest of all three. In this course, the main challenge is to aim for accuracy as Elk nine is also regarded as the toughest course.

Ever since Breckenridge golf course opened in 1985, it has already received many awards and honors in Colorado, as well as nationwide. Some of the awards it garnered include:

  • Toughest Mountain Course
  • Best Mountain Course
  • 4-Star Awardee bestowed by Golf Digest
  • Zagrat accreditation


If you have become a regular at this club you may participate in other competitions and challenges, as there are several of these all year long: Men’s League, Women’s League, Mixed Teams, junior events and Parent & Child events. And then every Monday’s, lady golfers may participate in the Ladies Night Out, which is a non-competitive challenge and is more of a social event


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