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Breckenridge Ballooning Colorado

Breckenridge ballooning Colorado

Summit County has become one of America's premier year-round resorts with a plethora of activities both in winter and summer. Some of these activities can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Breckenridge ballooning is one of them.

Perhaps you've heard about Summit County Breckenridge ballooning from NBC's Today Show, when the Colorado Rocky Ballooning company was featured on their broadcast with everyone's favorite weather man Al Roker taking a flight. Perhaps you have friends who have taken a trip up in a balloon soaring above the Colorado Rockies. Perhaps this is the first time you've ever heard of Summit County ballooning. Regardless of how you've heard about it the truth is that you are in for the ride of your life.

Leaving just about every day at sunrise, Colorado Rocky Ballooning provides some of the most fantastic ballooning experiences you will ever have in your life. Already up at high elevations, Summit County ballooning offers you the chance to be launched 9,000 feet into the air, soaring through the sky like an eagle above the mighty Colorado Rockies below. There is no better way to take an aerial tour of this magnificent country. Who wouldn't want to experience the sunrise above the Colorado Rockies riding 9,000 feet in the air?

Sunrise flights are chosen not only for the beauty of the time, but also for safety. Here in Summit County the Colorado Rocky Ballooning company prides itself on safety. The earliest hours of the morning offer the calmest and most workable winds so that their experienced pilots cannot only take you on an exciting adventure but ensure that you are safe all the way through.

Flights typically last about 2 to 3 hours. This is more than enough time for you to take in the beautiful scenery and the amazing locations that your flight will take you through. Every flight is different, though. Professional pilots will guide you following the prevailing wind patterns along with their own skill. With winds different every day every flight is a unique experience, one to remember for a lifetime.

100 mile panoramic scenic views greet you from atop the balloon. As all flights are different specific landmarks will differ as well. Among the prominent landmarks you might encounter on your journey are: the Continental Divide, Mosquito Range, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Sawatch Mountains or even the highest peak in Colorado, Mt. Elbert which towers at 14,443 feet. Through it all you will witness the vast rolling hills of the Colorado area along with plenty of Colorado wildlife. You might also enjoy seeing such sights as Pike's Peak, South Park Valley or the Collegiate Peaks.

Everywhere you turn from 9,000 feet in the air is going to off spectacular views, despite the other landmarks you will find. This is some of the most beautiful country in the world, and you will see it all in Summit County ballooning. Flights in winter are the most popular, as the wind conditions are most popular, as here the wind conditions are best for ballooning, but you can find ballooning rides available throughout the year, whenever you happen to be in the Colorado Rockies.



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