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atv tours breckenridge coloradoMy step-daughter owns an Breckenridge ATV that she takes with her on every camping trip that her father and I plan. It annoyed me to listen to the noisy thing growl its way across pristine valleys and up the side of mountains that had never before been clawed by wheels. My husband swore it was much more fun that I was giving it credit for and not nearly as bad for the environment as I claimed. I am a stubborn soul, though, and while the child and her daddy took turns tearing up the terrain, I hiked slowly behind them.

That changed this summer, though. I went for a wild women’s weekend in the Vail Valley and the girls rented ATVs. Copper Mountain and the Arkansas River were our ATV territory and we were able to see more of them in two hours that I would see in a day of hiking. We had a guide from Breckenridge for that time, and he took the time to show me that these evil little machines were just as easy on the environment as any other sport if the operator was careful.

I was very timid that first time. I knew my way around Breckenridge Summit County, but not on an ATV. The guide taught me how to rive the thing without falling off, and I was thankful that my husband was no where near Summit County that day. He’d taken a terrible amount of glee when I fell of a horse the first time, and I just knew this would have been a rerun!

Hiking is still great in Breckenridge Colorado and I’ve spent quite a few hours wearing out my books this summer, but seeing things from the back of an Summit County Breckenridge ATV tours changes your perspective. You are a bit more apart from the world: in it but superior to it. It is a bit like exploring your childhood home as an adult. It is just as wonderful, completely changed.

Two weeks later I talked my brother and sister into trying something new for our annual Breckenridge camping trip. They were purists like I had been, and could not imaging taking and Breckenridge ATV tour along the Arkansas River, where we usually hiked. My brother is a speed demon, though, and my sister is a dare devil. It didn’t take much to convince them to give up a few hours of our long weekend to learn a new way of exploring. We followed a guide though terrain that we’d hiked every year and it seems so different.

This company was also very careful to choose paths and tracks that were wide enough to let the Breckenridge ATVs pass without damaging the trees.

At the end of the summer my husband has planned our usual romantic mountain retreat. We’ve booked a pretty cabin in Breckenridge, and I’m going to surprise him with an ATV tour and picnic near Turquoise Lake. He still doesn’t know that I’ve embraced the joys of the ATV, and I think it will be a pleasant surprise. According to the guide we will be cruising around for a few hours, stop for lunch overlooking the lake and then take a more direct route back to base.

By next summer I think we’ll have to buy a new ATV. Three people fighting over one ATV outside of Breckenridge might get the locals talking!


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