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The Intelligent Time to Breckenridge Ski

There are two kinds of skiers....
Those who are infatuated with crowds and long lift lines; and those who prefer elbow room and superior skiing conditions. Crowd levels vary greatly and predictably over the course of a ski season.

If you love lift lines....
If your idea of a Breckenridge ski vacation is standing around in lift lines all day, searching for Breckenridge parking spaces that don't exist; and then topping off the day with a long wait in a restaurant line, there are about 50 days each winter that you won't want to miss.

Best of all is the Christmas period; the Breckenridge is absolutely bursting at its seams. Next best is President's Day weekend, second only to Christmas for crowds. After that, spring breaks make March an extremely busy period. Breckenridge Lodging rates follow the laws of supply and demand, so in addition to dealing with crowds, you'll pay substantially more for a place to stay in Breckenridge

Avoiding the crowds....
Crowded times of the winter have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of skiing-they're determined more by legal holidays than by snow conditions. In fact, Breckenridge skiing conditions are almost always superior during quieter periods of the winter, simply because there is less skier pressure on the Breckenridge trails. The lift lines are certainly much shorter, and you'll have a higher probability of making first tracks through champagne powder.

If you'd like better quality Breckenridge skiing, lower Brekenridge lodging rates and a lot more elbow room, the best times to ski are early January through mid-February, and in April. If Christmas is a must, the week of December 19-25 tends to be considerably less crowded than the week following Christmas, and the Breckenridge lodging rates are a lot lower.

If you have the flexibility....
Schedule your Breckenridge vacation outside the major wintertime holiday periods, both you and your wallet will come out ahead.

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