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    Breckenridge Lodging Information and Reservations

You can now reserve our Breckenridge properties online!

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Three Step Reservation Procedure
Because of the popularity of our Breckenridge homes, Breckenridge reservations should be made well in advance of anticipated arrival. To initiate a reservation, please give us a call and indicate the specific home and booking dates of interest. Since each home is one-of-a-kind and subject to prior booking, it's a good idea to have several alternative homes in mind. For reservations made at least 60 days prior to arrival, the following procedures apply.

For Breckenridge reservations made at least 60 days prior to arrival, the following three-step procedure applies:

Your initial deposit is $100 at the time of booking, payable by either VISA or MasterCard.
Your second deposit will consist of an amount equal to the first 2 nights' rental rate less $100 and is payable by check only. Upon arrival of the second deposit, we'll send you a letter of receipt. If the second deposit is not received within 10 days of initial booking, our computer will automatically cancel the reservation without notice.
The balance is due 60 days prior to arrival by check only. A refundable $350 (or $750 to $1000) damage deposit is also due at this time. Allow 10 days after departure for return of damage deposit by mail. Historically, over 98% of all damage deposits have been returned promptly and fully refunded. Please note that we are required to deposit damage deposit funds into a bank account.


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