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Breckenridge Investment Property

Buying a property in Breckenridge - Summit County is a very wise investment decision. The prices continue to go up.

Real estate is one of the safest investments possible - especially in our ski resort region. It's common sense, really: As the population continues to increase and towns and cities sprawl, vacant land becomes a premium. Prices for undeveloped land in Summit County, as well as housing, continue to skyrocket as sellers take advantage of the low federal interest rates. The Summit County real estate market is also seeing an unparalleled desire for ownership. Colorado buyers, especially in areas around Breckenridge market, Keystone and Copper Mountain are beginning to compete with each others offers more, as people realize the value of owning property in one of the nation's leading resorts.

As population and tourism increase in Summit County Colorado , the two will outpace the national averages. This means that Summit County - and its property values - will grow faster, compared to the rest of the country. We've already seen vacant land prices soar as Summit County reaches build-out, and land continues to become more valuable.

How to invest in Breckenridge, Summit County

Investment strategies are tailored to each investor, but Summit County mls offers properties certain to meet all criteria. The simplest investment strategy is to buy as much prime vacant land as possible, then wait awhile. The town, and county, will expand and start clamoring for more space, which can provide ample profit.

Other strategies involve short-term investments in property, such as updating a home and selling it for a profit. One-third of investments include rental properties, and booming tourism creates plenty of opportunity for both short- and long-term rental of the units.

Market Data

AreaCondo Average Sales Price $
Dillon 194,215
Copper Mountain344,781