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After you moved in Breckenridge Summit County

Most people love the excitement and emotion they feel when they finally move into their dream home. Living in Summit or Park counties is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, get to know great people and start or raise a family. However, the first few weeks can be a little hectic. If you will be moving in the near future or have just moved in, here are some great tips to make the moving in process less stressful and productive.

One of the many things that new Breckenridge homes owners do to start out is change their door locks and buy an extra set of keys. While the area is very safe, most people like to start knowing that contractors or other past personnel do not have access to their property. And while you are changing the locks, make sure you create enough key copies for everyone in your family.

It is also important to think of safety. Since most people feel extremely secure in their home, safety as a home issue doesn't come up that often. In the beginning, make sure you have enough fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency supplies to last you the next few years. It is also extremely advisable to work out an emergency escape route, in case your family needs to evacuate the home.

If you have a family with small children, or expecting small children to visit your home, child proof it by making sure that common items do not cause a security threat to a child. These include securing electrical outlets, medicine cabinets and any other chemicals in your home, basement or garage.

You might also want to add lighting in certain places in the home, especially if you have a child. Nightlights are good ideas as well as installing outdoor sensor/security lighting for when you approach the home at night.

Check the home exterior to make sure that leaves or other items aren't blocking your rain gutters or drainage. If a home hasn't been lived in for a while, do a complete inspection to make sure everything inside and out is working properly.

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