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Summit County is an excellent place to purchase real estate, whether you're buying an investment or a full-time residence. Property values continue to increase in Summit County, despite a general downturn in real estate nationwide.

But that's not the only reason to buy in this beautiful resort area. Quality of life is one of the main reasons people decide to purchase property here. Year-round activities ranging from concerts to adventurous excursions keep locals and visitors alike happy. Plus, the mountain life has a more laid-back attitude, which people love. So what do you need to consider before buying your property in Summit County?

First of all, do you plan on living here full time or just during peak ski season? Or do you want to come for the temperate summers, which brim with festivals and concerts? If you plan on living here full time, what will you do for work? There are two types of year-round residents here: those that work from home or out of professional offices, and those that work in the tourist industry.

How many bedrooms will you need? If you're buying a seasonal home, will you need space for a caretaker when you're away? Do you have children or plan to use your Summit home as a gathering place for a multitude of family and friends? Do you want to be near the action of downtown Breckenridge or on the outskirts of town? Do you prefer a condo or a freestanding house?

Money, of course, is always a consideration. How much additional debt can you take on in the form of a mortgage? How long do you want to make payments until you own the deed?

Summit County real estate investors must make the same decisions as a full-time resident, but from a slightly different angle. What kind of renters are you hoping to attract? What amenities do they want at their vacation spot, and nearby?

Landscaping is another big question. Will you appreciate a more natural, elk-fertilized lawn, or do you want a more lush, manicured yard?

Once you've settle all of these questions and begin looking at houses, decide what other features you desire in a home. Do you want to spend time fixing it up, or do you want to move right in to your "dream home"? Can you afford to spend the time and money that might be necessary to redecorate?

After moving in, make sure you keep your entryways clear of clutter, snow and ice. Your guests should feel welcome and expected - even if they are not!

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