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As Summit County grows, so, too, does its demand for commercial real estate. Commercial real estate owners benefit from the commerce of others, and Breckenridge commercial real estate, as well as Frisco commercial real estate, are prime ways to build a steady monthly income — without working 40+ hours a week! Like Breckenridge condo rentals and Breckenridge home rentals, owners usually make a pretty penny on commercial leases.
The most lucrative Breckenridge commercial real estate is located on Main Street, where hundreds of thousands of people mill about annually. However, a good portion of Breckenridge commercial real estate, primarily filled with restaurants, is located on side streets, such as Ridge — one block up from Main. Another area where Breckenridge commercial real estate continues to expand is on Airport Road, just a mile or two from downtown. This type of Breckenridge commercial real estate attracts local businesses and those that don’t need a prominent storefront, such as service industries or pet supply stores geared toward residents.

Frisco commercial real estate on Main draws owners of restaurants, clothing boutiques, gift shops, professional services and more. Summit Boulevard, which runs perpendicular to Main Street from Breckenridge to Interstate 70, also attracts business owners looking to rent Frisco commercial real estate.
Dillon, Silverthorne, Keystone and Copper Mountain also offer commercial real estate, but the hottest places to own are Breckenridge and Frisco.

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Copper Mountain27,697,900