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Breckenridge Events Activities July 31 – August 6

Thursday, July 31

(c) Backstage Theater Presents: Guys on Ice – From their ice-fishing shanty, long-time pals Lloyd and Marvin keep warm wactivitiesith a mutual appreciation for good bait, cold beer, and the Green Bay Packers. As Marvin anxiously awaits his opportunity to appear on a cable TV fishing show and share secrets of his life on da lake, Lloyd ponders a recent squabble with his wife concerning plans to spend their anniversary at Lambeau Field. Both pals scramble to protect their cold ones from fellow angler, Ernie the Moocher. $20 adulst/$14children under 12. 121 South Ridge Street, 7:30pm. 970 453-0199

(h) Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Sites and Tours –Today’s available Read more »

Montessori school in Alma expands

alma Montessori school in Alma expandsIf you’re looking at moving to Alma, you might want to know it’s not such a cowpoke town. In fact, it has a Montessori school, which is now accepting children ages 18 months through third grade this fall.

Its capacity is nearly doubling, from taking in 12 students, to 22. Director Jesse Hoehn hopes to keep expanding, up to accommodating sixth graders.

The school opened in 2006 and plans to be certified by the international Montessori association in two years.

Dillon and Breckenridge also have Montessori schools. The method of instruction engages all of the body’s senses in order for students to learn better.

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Dam Road reopens, with limitations

After so many Summit County locals and officials expressed discontent over the Dam Road closing, the Denver Water Board gave in — mostly.

The board reopened the road Friday, but the Dam Road will only remain open in the daytime, and Read more »

Global warming may affect winters

global warming Global warming may affect wintersA new report about impacts the apparently changing climate may have on Colorado came out July 23, 2008, from the University of Maryland’s Center for Integrative Environmental Research.

A major concern for resort towns in Colorado, including Summit County, is the warming effect of the climate on skiing, and thus tourism. Colorado is the biggest ski state in the nation. In 2007, skiing created Read more »

Water Tower Place comes to Frisco

frisco Water Tower Place comes to FriscoNo, it’s not the Water Tower Place of Chicago, but it will make Frisco look a little more posh.

Developers are scraping an old, ugly shopping strip on Summit Boulevard and Granite Street in order to build Water Tower Place.

The complex will include five buildings that comprise 42 residences, as well as commercial space of 14,000 square feet. The two- and three-bedroom condos are expected to sell for $600,000 to $900,000. As part of the building deal, developers will dedicate eight affordable housing units for locals.

It also will be the town’s first green building, certified by Green Globe Standard. Construction should start at the end of July. A new road will connect Granite Street to 8th Avenue.

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Sales price reaches new record in Breckenridge

breckenridge home Sales price reaches new record in BreckenridgeIn August 2007, a Breckenridge home sold for $5.5 million, breaking all previous high sales prices. People wondered if it might be a fluke, but it turns out that even in this rather shaky economy, fetching $5.5 million or more for a Summit County real estate property isn’t unrealistic.

On July 15, 2008, another Breckenridge real estate transaction made history with a sale of $5,550,000. Read more »

Breckenridge Events, Activities July 24-30

Thursday, July 24

(k) Asian Elephants – Children will learn about Asian elephants and create an interesting mixed media elephant painting embellished with rhinestones, mirrors and fabrics.  2-4pm at The Robert Whyte House, 127 S. Ridge Street, $25 includes all materials.  970 453-3364 for more info.

(c) Backstage Theater Presents:  Easy Living – An infectious screwball comedy about a poor girl living it up in a luxury hotel when she’s mistaken for a tycoon’s mistress.  $18 adults/$12 children under 12.  121 South Ridge Street, 7:30pm.  970 453-0199

(h) Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Sites and Tours –Today’s available historic sites and tours include: Barney Ford House Museum (11 a.m.-4 p.m., free); Historic Walking Tour (11 a.m.; $5/adult, $3/child); Lomax Placer Mine Tour (3 p.m.; $5/adult, $3/child); Washington Mine Tour (1 p.m.; $5/person, $3/child); Rotary Snowplow Park (11 a.m.-4 p.m.; free); William H. Briggle House (11 a.m.-3 p.m.) For more information, call 800-980-1859.

(a) Breckenridge Recreation Center Classes – Muscle Power 6:15am, BodyPump 8 a.m.; 50+ Strength/Stretch 9:30am; Boot Camp 9:45am; Mat Pilates 10:30 a.m.; Water Aerobics 8am, RPM 12noon, Yoga Express 12noon, Body Pump 5:30, Yoga Intermediate 5:30 (Ice Arena), Total Body Pilates 6:45pm

(b) The Gold Pan – Open Mic Night, Read more »

Resort real estate index, May 2008 report

OK. The bad news first: Compared to the first five months of 2007, the first five months in 2008’s total Summit County real estate sales has decreased 22% from:

$556,504,300 in 2007 to

$435,302,900 in 2008.

(In 2006, the total year-to-date sales were: $518,502,100, also higher than 2008).

In January, 2008, the total property sales was $85,497,600, down about $2,500,000.

In February, 2008, it took a big hit at $64,539,900, down $23,800,000.

March didn’t fair as poorly, at $95,396,600, only down about $3,000,000.

April and May took another dive, coming in at the $94,000,000 and $95,000,000 range — a difference from April, 2007, of about $39,670,800 and from May, 2007, of about $63,000,000.

Though this sounds like very bad news, it has to be taken in the context of a larger picture. Yes, the number of sales is down compared to this time last year. That means Summit County is starting to see the slowdown that the rest of the nation has experienced for awhile. However, on the positive side, Summit County real estate is still showing strength in terms of its average single-family home price.

From January through May, 2008, the average single-family home price was Read more »

Summit County Colorado real estate market conditions

BreckenridgeInvestmentProperty Summit County Colorado real estate market conditions

“What are property values doing in Summit County?” That’s the question people I meet today ask the most.

Both visitors and locals are curious about how the real estate market in Summit County is, since, overall, the U.S. market has been dragging for a while. Read more »

Dam Road continues debates

 Dam Road continues debatesJust days after the Denver Water Board abruptly closed the Dam Road between Dillon and Frisco, it got sued.

County commissioners, neighboring towns and the Lake Dillon Fire-Protection District sued jointly, saying the board improperly closed the Dam Road.

The locals want a judge to demand the board reopen the road. Lake Dillon Fire-Protection also issued a notice saying that placing barriers on the road violated international fire code, and, if barriers were not removed, the infraction would be turned over to the sheriff’s office. The board rearranged the barriers so fire trucks could get through, though personnel still has to get out of fire trucks to unlock the gate, causing delay. Read more »

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