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lake dillon marina colorado fishingLake Dillon is located in Summit County Colorado and offers beautiful landscapes as well as fun for the whole family. For generations Lake Dillon has been known for offering those with a love of water a great place to go on a day off, for the weekend, or for weeks of summer time fun. Sailing, boat rentals, racing regattas, and more can be found when you visit this majestic lake Dillon. Many a great past time has been had here, and there will be countless more to come in the future.

This is just not just any lake, as Lake Dillon actually has three rivers that empty into it. The rivers that dump into Lake Dillon are the Blue River, Ten Mile Creek, and Snake River. This means that there is always a steady steam of new, clean water filling Lake Dillon for those that come to enjoy. Not only is boating a lot of fun on this lake, but it also offers good fishing. Whether you are just learning to fish or you're a pro, you'll likely find that Lake Dillon offers the perfect atmosphere for a day of fishing.

This Dillon lake is home to the highest elevated yacht club in North America, as it sits at 9,000 feet. Sailing is very prevalent on the lake, with the Dillon Marina being the starting and ending place for such activity. The lake Dillon marina is really the hub of activity on the Dillon lake, where friends get together for a day of fishing or sailing, or where new people meet for the first time. Yachts, fishing boats, and even kayaks can be seen pulling into and out of the marina on most weekend days. There never seems to be a dull moment at the Dillon Marina, especially in the beautiful summer months that offer beautiful sunshine, but comfortable temperatures given the elevation.

After a day on the Dillon lake, many gather at the Tiki Bar, which is a favorite hangout of the locals and even those that are visiting for the first time. The Tiki Bar offers great food and drinks, but is also conveniently located so that you can fill up before going home or out to do more acquainting with nature.

Lake Dillon is actually the lake that supplies all of Denver with their water, which is definitely an accomplishment. The lake Dillon is usually drained a bit near the end of fall in anticipation of new snow that will eventually fall during the winter months. The area is known to get at least 26 feet of snow during the winter months, so it is understandable that the lake has to be drained in preparation for such precipitation. While winters might be harsh around Lake Dillon, it's summers definitely make up for it by providing a great place to spend time out on the water, mingling with nature, high up above a good deal of the rest of the country!

Lake Dillon is a splendid place to visit whether you are familiar with the area or just passing through. Just the idea that the lake is at an elevation of 9,000 feet makes it interesting, but it's also quite beautiful and offers respite to travelers or locals that need a break from the daily grind. Sailing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and just about anything you can think of will be very enjoyable when you visit Lake Dillon. With so many other great things nearby, you'll find that this can easily be worked into your travel plans.

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