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One of the major benefits of being a resident in Blue River is that the private tarn is yours to use. For those unfamiliar with the term "tarn," it is a small mountain lake.

Goose Pasture Tarn is a beautiful and serene place to canoe, float on a rowboat or fish on land or off of a fishing tube. Electric trolling motors are allowed on rowboats.

As a property owner, you can use the tarn, bring guests - as long as they're with you - and assign rights to

any tenants you may have through a written agreement on a lease. Sheriffs patrol the tarn regularly, so it's important to play by the rules. This keeps the tarn private, rather than overused. (Also, as a property owner, you're responsible for guests and tenants to follow the rules.)

The tarn is stocked; in spring of 2008, about 500 rainbow and British Columbian Kamloop trout were introduced to the lake. Some are fast-growing fish that started at 12 inches long, and others are 20-inch lunkers.

If you plan to fish, the town strongly encourages catch and release, though it does not require it. If you keep the fish, you can only keep three a day, and two of them must be less than 20 inches long. You may only use single bait hooks, single hook lures or single fly hooks. You can't fish (or walk) within 45 feet of the spillway's concrete area. And, of course, like anywhere in the state, you'll need a fishing license to fish.

Swimming, sail boarding, wind surfing or gasoline motors are not allowed on the tarn. There is also no boat storage on the tarn. If you use a boat, you must have a decal, which you can buy from the town clerk for $5 a year. (Call the town clerk at (970) 547-0545 to get a decal.)

In the winter, it's illegal to cross-country ski or snowmobile on the tarn.



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