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Breckenridge Snowshoeing

snowshoeing summit county colorado One of the most enjoyable things to do in the snow does not involve any extreme or dangerous activity. In fact, it’s such a relaxing experience; it’s quite hard to describe the magic of what it’s like. It’s known as snowshoeing and it has been around for almost 6000 years past.

Known as one of the earliest means of transportation, snowshoeing was how people during the early times explored and foraged in the woods, or enjoyed the countryside at winter. In those days, people put on a special foot wear to keep their feet warm and comfortable. This footwear is what we call snow shoes.

Snow shoes are designed a bit larger than regular shoes as they are supposed to be built for survival and utility. They are made to fit all sorts of winter conditions, especially in a mountainous topography. Over time, various styles and designs have been developed. Much of today’s styles are a bit larger, yet they have become simpler and easier to wear or move around with.

Basically, snowshoeing is an activity one can enjoy in three ways:

  • as a fitness regimen for aerobics enthusiasts
  • as recreation for tourist and vacationers
  • as a mountaineering sport activity for extreme sports hobbyists

Snowshoeing is one of the many things you can do when staying at Breckenridge Colorado. There are plenty of centers that offer their services, if you would like to peacefully explore Breckenridge’s snowy trails on foot. Between the Gold Run Nordic Centre (located in Breckenridge Golf Club) and Breckenridge Nordic Centre (located in Ski Hill Road somewhere in the Peak 8 area), is about 150 miles of snowshoe hiking trail to discover. Each of these centers offer lessons, tours (guided or unguided) and of course, snow shoe and gear rentals.

Information on Breckenridge Snow Shoe tours is also available at all of the resorts in the county. So there’s no excuse for not trying out snowshoeing. It is a very popular and highly recommended winter activity for families and groups staying in Breckenridge.

If you and your company decide to take part in snowshoeing tours, do take note of a few of these precautions:

Never step on one snowshoe with the other, nor step on someone else’s snowshoe for that matter. Each snowshoe is quite heavy, so be careful with handling it.

To prevent sinking into snow harder (which could get you stuck), make double steps.

If you’re crossing streams or jumping on rocks, make sure to land on your foot’s toe side or ball side first. Jump only high enough; long jumps may cause you to land on your heel, which may cause injury.

It would be a good idea to have ski poles, for balance. And if you’re snowshoeing and mountaineering, use poles with self arrest head.