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Breckenridge Snowboarding Colorado

As the first resort in Colorado to allow snowboarding, Breckenridge remains popular with those who enjoy boarding in exclusion of or addition to skiing. In fact, Breckenridge snowboarding is responsible for twenty-five percent of the resort's winter use. Bountiful snowfall and several dedicated areas make Breckenridge the ideal location for snowboarders.

Snowboarding Conditions

Breckenridge boasts the highest snowfall of all ski areas in Summit County making it the ideal location for snowboarding and skiing alike. The resort is comprised of four peaks on the Ten Mile Range, creatively named Peak 7, Peak 8, Peak 9, and Peak 10. The high elevation of the resort makes it especially cold, and technical gear is necessary for comfort during the iciest months of the year. Season Passes go on sale in September, but the resort does not officially open until November 10, with weather permitting.


Snowboarding Trails

Riders are allowed on all ski runs in Breckenridge, and in addition, there are several areas designed specifically for snowboards. The sheer size of the ski area offers a tremendous variety of trails, runs, and parks. While a good third of the resort is best suited for experts, there are many runs available for beginners and intermediate skiers. Experts interested in Breckenridge snowboarding will be drawn to the peaks of the mountains where steep degrees and fresh powder make the sport the most exhilarating.


Snowboarding Parks and Pipes

In addition to the variety of runs and bowls, the peaks also offer five parks specifically designed for Breckenridge snowboarding.

Freeway is located on Peak 8 and is accessible by Chair 5 or the Colorado SuperChair. Freeway has six hits, fourteen rails, and a single half-pipe.

Country Boy, located on Peak 9, can be reached by the Beaver Run Super Chair or the Mercury Super Chair. Country Boy has two hits and six rails.

Gold King, on Peak 9, is reached by the Beaver Run SuperChair or C Chair. Gold King starts with a half-pipe and is followed by two rails and three hits.

Trygves is accessible by Chair 7 on Peak 8. It has two rails, three hits, and ends with a half-pipe.

Eldorado is accessible by either the Beaver Run Super Chair or the QuickSiver Super6 Chair. It is on Peak 9. Eldorado begins with a half-pipe and has seven hits and three rails.

Breckenridge Snowboarding Rentals and Shops There are many locations to rent or buy snowboarding equipment:



Market Data

AreaCondo Average PPSF $
Keystone 341
Frisco 324
Dillon 236
Silverthorne 252
Copper Mountain 387