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Heli Skiing Colorado

helicopter skiing colorado Winter sports abound in Breckenridge Colorado, and that does not include simply skiing and snowboarding. Ice skating, min-iskiing, and snow shoeing are also very popular, and for individuals who enjoy unique sports, there is a Colorado heli skiing operation available in the entire state of Colorado. That operation, Telluride trax, is located in the ski resort town of Telluride, as the company name might suggest.

What is skiing?
The skiing seen in motion pictures paints a picture of dangerous slopes and threatening avalanches. This, of course, is the Hollywood version and blown completely out of proportion. Colorado skiing is not an extreme sport enjoyed only by the bravest members of society. skiing is simply an opportunity to arrive, via copter, at areas of mountains unreachable by ski lifts or hiking.

As skiers spend the day in remote locations, they have the opportunity to ski through untouched power with every run they make. There are no lines, no crowds, and more importantly, no packed icy snow. Only by skiing can visitors experience the snowy mountains of Colorado at their finest.


Is it Dangerous?
Like any sport, there is some risk involved, but heli skiing is migrated by experience and the assistance of professionals in the field. Heli skiing is not for beginning skiers or boarders, but rather for those already comfortable on skis and searching for a new edge to their winter vacation. Packages are also available for expert skiers seeking steeper runs and greater thrills.

colorado heli skiing

Skiers are comfortably led by experienced guides through six different runs per day. The utmost care is given in selecting equipment, and skiers wear the wider skis recommended for skiing in powder. This makes the skiing experience perfect for anyone who can ski a black diamond or an intermediate run with moguls comfortably. Confident skiers in good health are well suited for this fantastic opportunity.


What is Involved?
Individuals who are interested in heli skiing while on their Colorado vacation should contact Telluride trax. Despite it's Telluride location, trax offers packages for skiers that originate in Aspen, Vail, Crested Butte, or Steamboat where participates arrive in Telluride via plane for a day. Packages range from a single day to an entire week's worth of unblemished powder. All packages include a highly experienced guide as well as the day's food and drink.

Vacationers interested in pursuing this opportunity should plan on wearing traditional ski attire with a minimum of additional items. For safety, skiing takes place in groups of four, each led by a guide. Colorado skiing trips are available from January through April, with ideal conditions available in the later period of the range.




Will i have to jump from the Helicopter? Never! The pilot lands the helicopter and each group Carefully disembarks.

What's your availability? There are typically 16 seats available Per day. To ensure your seat, we recommend booking as soon as Possible.

How are groups determined? Skiers are sorted by reservation Groups, ability and an over all helicopter load weight (calculated by the Pilot).

How much terrain is there? We ski and snowboard on over 200 square miles near Telluride, Colorado.

Am i a good enough skier? Reasonably fit, strong-adventurous intermediate, advanced & expert skiers are all Welcome.

Can i ski with my group? We try to keep groups together, but booking a private cabin assures that your group Both flies and skis together.

What is the vertical? Each run drops 1,000 to 2,500 feet. Heli Skiing Colorado

Do i have to be in good shape? A day of powder skiing above 10,000 feet can be strenuous, so a reasonable Fitness condition is highly encouraged.

What if it's snowing? On the average, one out of three days are canceled due to inclement mountain weather.

How many runs will i get? Weather permitting, six runs is the goal. Bonus runs are available for a fee.

What about snowboarders? Snowboarders are always welcome. It's important to be comfortable with long Traverses and bring a longer board that is set up for powder.

What's included in the price? You'll get six runs of guided Heliskiing, lunch, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, use of an avalanche beacon, Powder skis (sorry we do not have snowboards) and ski poles.

What should i bring? You need only to wear your normal ski clothes And ski boots. Because of weight constrictions, packs and other extra gear Cannot fly in the helicopter.

What's for lunch? A variety of gourmet sandwiches, chips, homemade Cookies. Candy, Nutrition bars, and water are available all day.

What if my day is cancelled? If your day is cancelled because of Weather, you will receive a full refund or you can reschedule.


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