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Breckenridge Dog Sledding

breckenridge dog sleddingBreckenridge winters are known for the skiing, but there is much more this winter wonderland has to offer. Try a Breckenridge dog sleigh ride or travel through the snow by a horse-drawn sleigh!

Looking for an experience you won't find anywhere else?  Maybe Breckenridge dog sledding are just the thing for you!  Or, if you don't think you want to be your own musher and dog sled rides might not be the thing for you, there are plenty of more traditional sleigh rides for you to go through.  Either by sleigh or dog sled you'll find traveling through this winter wonderland a real treat.

Dog sleighs have been used in winter climes for time immemorial, but now is your chance to take up the reins and join in on the fun of Breckenridge dog sleigh rides.  Unlike the many horse sleigh rides that Breckenridge has to offer when you are in a dog sleigh you are in control.  The only source for Breckenridge dog sleigh rides is Good Times Adventures Sleigh Rides and Dog Sledding.  In fact they are the only company offering Breckenridge dog sleigh rides in all of Summit County!

You are put behind the reins of your own personal dog sleigh.  Groups head out hourly, taking many stops along the way so that you can take in the fantastic history and scenery of the Arapahoe National Forest.  It is also definitely a great place to take great action shots or even video of you in your very own dog sleigh!  Few places offer you this sort of opportunity, Good Times Adventures is truly a one-of-a-kind company.

If you're planning to take one of the Breckenridge dog sledding you'll want to make sure you dress for the occasion.  This is winter time and it can get cold.  Riding along on a dog sleigh with the wind only makes it that much colder.  Dress in layers similar to what you would wear ski.  You will also want to wear boots, a hat, gloves and goggles to protect your eyes.  If you like, snowsuits, boots and helmets are also available from Good Times Adventures at no extra charge.  While Breckenridge dog sleigh rides can be great family fun children under three are not recommended to be taken on the tour.

If dog sled rides aren't your style there are also a number of venues that offer spectacular, traditional sleigh rides.  Breckenridge Dinner Sleigh Rides is located at the Breckenridge Golf Course and has live music to accompany you on your Breckenridge sleigh ride tour.  Great for families or for special romantic night journeys Breckenridge Dinner Sleigh Rides can't be beat!

You'll also be interested in Nordic Sleigh Rides, perhaps the most famous of the Breckenridge sleigh rides.  Offering four different sleigh rides Nordic Sleigh Rides takes you on an exciting evening through the snow to be dropped off at a local theater where four different shows play.  Each of the shows is about life in Breckenridge Colorado in previous times making it an enjoyable historical treat.

For the best in winter fun goes to Breckenridge.  Whether you're looking for skiing and snowboarding, exciting winter nightlife or a chance to go out on fantastic Breckenridge dog sledding you'll find it all here in the midst of the mighty Colorado Rockies.  It is a world unto itself unlike anyplace else on Earth.


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