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Breckenridge HorseBack Riding

To experience Summit County on Breckenridge horseback is to see the mountains and terrain as the original pioneers once did. Settlers and prospectors began arriving in Breckenridge in the late 1850s before roads or even well beaten paths even existed. These settlers cut through the forests and across rivers the same way visitors can today, on the backs of nature’s most majestic creatures – horses.

The wide lands of Colorado ranches allow riders to see the grand sweep of the beautiful scenery and feel the overwhelming presence of open sky and huge mountains. Ranches throughout the Summit County area have many riding packages available in a variety of formats and destinations. Complete a Breckenridge vacation with a trip through time and nature on Breckenridge horseback, guaranteeing the experience to be one which the entire family will adore.

Day Rides

To spend the day on the range is the true essence of western flavor. Enjoy a few hours on Breckenridge horseback, in summer or winter, riding in Summit County, and see the best of what the area and season have to offer. Day packages include trips across wide-spread ranch land, fording rivers, and up mountainsides. Many rides begin on flat land, but wind through the foothills and into the mountains Colorado is famous for.

As the land is so vast, riders are encouraged to ride beside one another rather than single file. The horses, spurred on by the space this arrangement allows, might even canter, if the rider is willing. Spirited horses and astonishing mountain views make Summit County horseback riding a unique and perhaps the most memorable experience of a vacation.

Cattle Round-ups

Summit County Breckenridge horseback riding can be even more exciting when taken in the true context of the location and era. Area ranches offer a real western experience in the form of dude ranches and cattle drives.  Visitors can spend a day working as a ranch hand while learning to drive cattle and improve horsemanship. The lengthy cattle drive offers fantastic views as well as a complete cowboy-inspired adventure.

Combination Packages

With the plethora of outdoor activities available in the Breckenridge area throughout both winter and summer, it is only logical to add horses to the mix. Many ranches offer combination packages of Breckenridge horseback riding and other Colorado trademarks such as white water rafting, fishing, hiking and camping. Many Summit Country horseback riding trips offer an opportunity to go further into the national forests than traditional hiking or off-road driving trips would normally allow.

Regardless of individual ability level, Summit County Breckenridge horseback riding can be the highlight of a Colorado vacation. With the vast number of riding opportunities available year-round, horses and their riders can see and experience the wonders of mountains unobtainable to hikers or drivers.  For atmosphere, simply beauty and a true western experience, horseback riding stands alone.