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Breckenridge Fishing Summit County Colorado

Someone told me once that Breckenridge in Summit County has some challenging Breckenridge fishing. I laughed at him. When I picture a fisherman I see a fellow with his feet up on the edge of a boat, a beer on his hand and one eye on the Breckenridge fishing rod propped on the railing. "This isn't a sport, "I would say to myself. "This is a leisure activity!" I had never seen anyone work up a sweat while they were Breckenridge fishing, and the only ones who seemed to be using any effort at all were the fly fisher’s chest deep in the water swinging their lines around like maniacs. I was so self righteous that I mentioned this opinion to my husband’s best friend.

That was a challenge, of course. When the Breckenridge next fishing trip came up, I was enlisted to come along. "Teach her some character," ordered my dear husband with a laugh. He's always teasing me for being a city girl. Stubborn as a mule, I maintained that fish were so dumb that would probably just swim into my hands. Well, I was wrong. After 3 days of Breckenridge fishing in the Breckenridge Eagle River I hadn’t caught a thing, my shoulders and back ached from learning to swing the line for fly Breckenridge fishing and I had a nasty bruise and a head cold from the cold ducking I took when I fell.

I did learn a lot about what it takes to fish in Summit County and how many different ways there are to go about it. It is a lot harder than it looks to keep that line moving over the water and nearly impossible to move in water. You get a strength work out just walking back to shore! On that eye opening experience we were fly Breckenridge fishing for cutthroat trout. There are 4 other varieties of trout available in the rivers and lakes of Summit County.

I also learned that you can go Breckenridge fishing from the banks of Lake Dillon and catch Kokanee salmon that are stocked there. I thought that looked easier, but as a bona fide city girl I had no patience for standing quietly on the banks of the lake casting and recasting for hours. I loved the taste of the brown trout that the fellows caught, though. They were even nice enough to share, even though I didn’t catch any myself.

Next summer they plan to take me along on the Breckenridge fishing trip to Lake Dillon when they hire a pontoon boat to go trolling in the deep water. I can’t wait to try the fresh salmon! They also have plans to fish a bit on Green Mountain Reservoir, where they are planning to complete for who can snag the most varieties of fish in a single day.

There have been threats to take me to Breckenridge Green Mountain Reservoir before that trip, however. I guess I didn';t a shiver enough when I was dunked this summer, because they are contemplating taking me ice Breckenridge fishing for lake trout on Breckenridge Green Mountain Reservoir as soon as the ice is thick enough. I looked up the regulations on how thick the ice has to be and what size holes you can drill. You can make ten inch holes in the ice, as long as its around 2 feet thick.

I won't say that I've learned a new respect for fishermen, but I was really impressed with the patience and resilience the guys showed when they were chest deep in freezing water. I'm not sure I would count fishing as a sport yet, even in icy Eagle River, but I have to agree that isn’t as easy as they make it look!


Fish found in Summit County

Brook Trout,Brown Trout, Cutthroat (Native) Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Lake Trout (Mackinaw), Rainbow Trout

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AreaCondo Average PPSF $
Keystone 341
Frisco 324
Dillon 236
Silverthorne 252
Copper Mountain 387