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Frisco lies in the center of Summit County towns and ski resorts, so it tends to be a very popular place to invest in real estate. In addition to a convenient location, it has a hospital, a bustling Main Street with great shops and restaurants, parks, a marina, a recreation peninsula with Nordic skiing in the winter and disc golf and skateboarding in the summer, and hiking and biking paths throughout town and beyond.

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Frisco has continued to grow in the past decade. Developers have added new condominiums and townhomes near Lake Dillon, as well as tore down old structures and built luxury townhomes or multi-use buildings that have commercial Frisco Colorado real estate on the ground level and residential units above.

The arrival of the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in December 2005, with Level III trauma designation, was a boon for not only all of Summit County, but also for Frisco in particular, since the hospital is only about 2 miles from town. The 24/7 surgical, anesthesia and critical care treatments mean that fewer patients need to transfer to Denver for care. It also means that more medical staff moved up to Frisco and neighboring towns, increasing real estate sales.

Aside from Breckenridge, the average sale price of a condo or townhome was highest in Frisco in 2007, 2006 and 2005. From 2006 to 2007, Frisco saw the biggest jump in average condo price in recent history - a 128,803 gain, from $344,396 in 2006 to $473,199 in 2007.

In terms of single-family homes, Frisco placed behind Keystone and Breckenridge in 2007 with an average price of $840,237. In 2006, it came in second, behind Keystone and ahead of Breckenridge with an average sales price of $849,128. However, both years, homes sold much faster than those in Keystone and Breckenridge. Frisco saw its biggest jump in average sales price right around the time the hospital came online, from 2005 at $644,822 to 2006 at $849,128.

Vacant land in Frisco has continued to steadily rise since 2005 (between 2004 and 2005, it decreased by about $17,000). In 2005, the average sale price was $221,348, in 2006 it rose to $246,056. In 2007 it sold for an average of $337,583. Frisco real estate appreciation

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