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Breckenridge Home Decorating, Remodeling and Landscaping

If you are going to buy Breckenridge real estate you probably have plenty of ideas on either home decorating, remodeling and landscaping your new property.  Part of the fun of moving is the wonderful creative working that makes any property into your dream home.  Here are some tips on home decorating, remodeling and landscaping.


If your home just needs a new decor, there are plenty of ways to find the perfect materials, home items and accessories.  You can usually head down to the many home stores in your community or to your department store that sells home furnishings.  One of the great ways to find décor ideas are through lifestyle and decorating magazines, online home furnishing sites, as well as talking with home decorating consultants.


For many people that would like a major change in their living environment, remodeling is usually just the thing from turning a ho-hum living space into the perfect fit for a new residence. There are plenty of remodeling companies in Summit and Park counties and whether it is remodeling your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, closet space, bedroom or living area, these professional contractors can help. Not only do many of these contractors offer high quality showrooms chock full of ideas, but professional and courteous service as well.


Summit County Breckenridge Landscaping is another area of expertise that can be found in abundance in Summit and Park counties.  If your goal is to increase your curb appeal, you can easily find great landscapers in the area that can design your front yard by adding sod, shrubs, and flowers as well as clear away or trim your overgrown trees and bushes.


Besides the grass and bushes, curb appeal involves making your home look beautiful and inviting from the street and can also focus on your siding, garage doors, front entry and windows.  Your new home may need some new staining or even new siding and a new garage door or window treatment can make your home look different and brand new.


Your front entryway is usually the first impression your guests will make on your home, so a well maintained front door and entrance path is extremely important to spruce up.  Many home owners add a new coat of paint or stain on their front door to make their home look extremely attractive.


If you’re buying a home in Brreckenridge, Park and Summit counties areas, take a look at our list of and local area services that will make your home decorating, remodeling and landscaping extremely helpful and convenient.

Breckenridge Services

Summit Resort Lending

John Jeffress
110 3rd. Ave. Frisco, CO 80443
Phone: 970-668-1681
Toll Free: 866 352-0290
Fax: 970-668-1683
Cell: 970-389-0447

Wells Fargo Bank

Tina Moore
130 Ski Hill Road, Ste.160
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Office: 970-453-7847
Fax: 970-453-4548
Toll Free: 800-354-8654
Cell: 970-390-5727

Sulquist Mortgage

Lisa Fackler
310 Main Street, Frisco, CO 80443
Phone: 970-668-0239
Fax: 970-668-3655
Cell: 970-389-3568

Banker’s Mortgage

Dana B. Holland
1814 Airport Rd. #A-3
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Phone 970-453-1951
Fax: 970-453-4258


1st Bank of Breckenridge

(great for the first time home buyers)
Joan Jardon
200 Ski Hill Road
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Phone: 970-453-1000
Direct: 970-547-3841
Fax: 970-547-3847


  • AlpineAppraisal
  • Ebert Appraisal
  • Summit Appraisal


  • Heidi & Arthur 970-418-0196

 Kitchen Remodel / Custom Cabinets

  • Brian Hayes
  • Justin Dimuzio
    Kitchen Tune-up

 Hot Tubs

  • Rocky Mountain Hot Tub CO
    PO Box 2076
    Breckenridge, CO 80424

 Local Utilities
Electric and Gas

  • Xcel Energy
    Public Service Company of Colorado
    (800) 895 - 4999

 Radon Mitigation

  • Alan Ferguson
    Summit Radon Solutions
    Cell: 970-470-3613
    Land: 970-453-9611

 Cable TV and Internet – customer needs to call

  • Comcast
    (888) 824 - 4010

 Drainage and Sump Pumps


    • Martin Westwood
      Westwood Construction

 Telephone and DSL Internet – customer needs to call

  • Qwest
    (888) 273 - 4775


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