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Summit County Parade of Homes 2012


Here’s your opportunity to preview and plan your tour of the Summit County, Colorado 2012 Parade of Homes. Click on the photo to see 20 magnificent Summit County homes. The Parade of Homes will be held on September 22, 23, 29 & 30 in the beautiful mountain communities of Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne and Copper Mountain. Fall is colorful time of year in the mountains and a great time to tour the Summit County Parade of Homes.

Summit County, Colorado

2012 Summit County Colorado parade of homes program

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Summit County Parade of Homes 2011

Summit County, Colorado



2011 Summit County parade of homes program

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. September 17-18 September 24-25


At The Parade, Open Up To The Possibilities.



Then When It’s Time To See What’s Possible,
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At Apex Mountain Homes, we are passionate about setting the standard for excellence in custom home building, remodeling and renovations. We deliver every project on time and on budget, all while being faithful stewards of the environment, so that we can delight in the satisfaction of our clients. As the Parade Of Homes inspires and opens up new possibilities for you, trust your building project to a team of caring, insightful professionals.


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2011 Parade of Homes

Proudly presenting four homes this year…

Breckenridge | Vail | Aspen

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Mountain real estate

May 2010 Summit County Real Estate Market Analysis Land Title Guarantee Company

Summit County May 2010 Real Estate Market Analysis Land Title Guarntee May 2010 Summit County Real Estate Market Analysis Land Title Guarantee Company Market Snapshot: Several areas show the Median Single Family price has increased YTD May compared to the full year 2009: Blue River 11%, Breckenridge 6%, Dillon Valley 13%, Summit Cove 14% and Wildernest 14%

Market Snapshot: Several areas show the Median Multi Family price has increased YTD May compared to the full year 2009: Breckenridge 6% ( OSHP), Copper 6%, Dillon Valley 19% and Summit Cove 2%

Summit County Gross Real Estate Volume Graph: May 2010 paced VERY similar to May 2009.

Residential Market Sales by Price Point: The most active price areas in May were $200K to $300K; however, One Ski Hill Place transactions impacted the higher price ranges. The Single Family Average price YTD is comparable to the full year of 2006. Read more »

February 2010 Real Estate Market Analysis from Summit County

Attached will find the Land Title Guarantee Company February 2010 Market Analysis from Summit CountyBig News! There is ONE PDF attached with 13 (4 New Worksheets) included!

Please note that Land Title data comes from actual recorded transactions at the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office for that particular month.  The information is not directly related to Summit County MLS data. The data is an unofficial tabulation of Summit County Records that are believed to be reasonably accurate.

Attached within the PDF, you will find:

  • Market Snapshot by Area & Property Type Comparison- comparing Full Year 2009 vs. YTD (Two months) 2010. The top graph shows the Average Price Comparison which shows the average price for Single family, Multi- Family and Residential Land showing percent change. The Median Price Comparison- compares Median Single Family, Multi-Family and Residential Land with percentage change. Sales believed to be inaccurate indicators of the market have been eliminated in this bottom report. The bottom graph shows Full Interest, Fee Simple, Arms- Length transactions.

  • Summit County real estate 2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010 Graph Comparison. This graph shows 6 full years for comparison, plus February 2010 numbers.

  • Cost Breakdown, February 2010 for Residential Improved Units-Price Point Summary (New Construction, Resales and February Gross Residential Price Index and Full YTD Gross Residential Price Index for 2010 ( two months), also shows Full Years, 2009 2008, 2007 and 2006 Gross Residential Price Index with # of transactions, total volume and average price for Single Family, Multi- Family and Vacant Land.

  • Cost Breakdown for Residential Improved Units YTD February 2010 and the Cost Breakdown YTD from 2009, 2008 and 2007 for comparison.

  • Average Price History YTD 2010, Full Years, 09, 08, 07, and 06- called Average Price Breakdown based on information from the Cost Breakdown Data.

  • Top Lenders’ Graph for February 2010

  • Top Lender’s Summary for February 2010

This report shows how many Timeshares, Fee Simple and Unknown with No legal shown are going into the Foreclosure process and where they are within the process.

-       Notice of Election & Demand for Sale ( NED) with Step process

-       Certificate of Purchase ( COP) with Step process

-       Public Trustee’s Deeds ( PTD) with Step Process

  • Year to Date Summary of Foreclosure Actions- this new report shows the property foreclosure summary with property types and locations YTD with snapshot graphs for your marketing efforts.

  • Market Analysis % Change from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and YTD 2010

  • Market Analysis by Area for the month of February 2010: On the Summit County Market Analysis by Area report please note the  color coded system;

        • Green Text indicates an increase from the previous month’s value.
  • Black Text indicates the value is the same or not applicable from the previous month’s value.
  • Red Text indicates a decrease from the previous month’s value.
  • Colored text is not used  for % Calculations – all of those columns will remain black
  • Price per Square Foot (PPSF) was also added to the last column.

*Please note on this report- we added a line item about the recent month’s Bank Sales Activity for the month a the top of this report

  • Bank Sales YTD details-The Market Analysis by Area now reflects the number and total of Bank Sales with the Gross Volume and % volume of the overall gross volume in sales at the top of the worksheet- this is the detailed information for your Colorado real estate records.

  • Market Analysis by Area YTD (2 months).

There is a notable sale in February – it is the highest sale for February 2010:

2/17/2010 $3,650,000 Ptarmigan Trail Estates Subd #1 Lot 1, Block 1  – 808 Little Beaver Trail – also known as: the Super 8 Motel:

61 Rooms built in 1981 with a total building size of:  22,172 SF.  It sits on 1.008 Acres.  PPSF is $164.62.  This sale is shown in the Silverthorne Area, and is categorized as a Commercial Improved property.

February Remarks:

  • The Median Single Family average price YTD in 2010 is up 9% compared to the full year of 2009. Multi- Family average price YTD is down 12% compared to the full year of 2009.  Vacant Land Average Price YTD is only down 1% YTD compared to full year of 2009.
  • Keystone and Breckenridge real estate were the two most active locations in Summit County with transactions in February- Keystone real estate -11 transactions and Breckenridge -13 transactions.
  • There were 6 Residential properties that were recorded for $1M and over in February- with 29% of the gross volume.
  • There are 98 YTD Residential Transactions in 2010, vs. the 92 last year at this time.
  • The most active price point remains in the $200K-$300K price ranges for Single Family and Multi-Family Residential Improved Units.
  • The YTD Market Analysis with all recorded transactions in February shows the Residential Median average to be $367,500 with $321 per square foot as the average.
  • Cash transactions were down to 35% this month compared to the past months with around 40%, we are seeing more Owner Carry transactions.
  • There are still only two recorded Bank Sales YTD in Summit County.
  • There are 52 Notice of Election properties, 1 Certificate of Purchase and 23 properties that have gone to the Public Trustees Deed YTD.
  • February 2010 is up 32% in monetary volume from 2009.  YTD, up 10% for 2 months in 2010 vs. 2009.  February 2010 transaction volume is up 20% from last February 2009. YTD, up 10% for 2 months in 2010 vs. 2009.

Keystone Real Estate New Development

Keystone Real Estate New Developmen 225x150 Keystone Real Estate New DevelopmentVail Resorts Development Company has plans to tear down all of the buildings it owns at the base of Keystone Mountain and redevelop the entire area. However, it will take the company about 15 years to fully complete the project.

The company was in the process of laying out a revised master plan for the Keystone Mountain House area, which entails demolishing everything except Keystone real estate by the name of Chateau D’Mont and Slopeside, multifamily homes that Vail Resorts does not own.

The plan calls for about 500 new Keystone real estate residential units to be built, ranging from Keystone condos to townhomes and single-family homes. The company will also build a state-of-the-art skier village, with all new skier services, including a children’s ski school, restaurants and ticket booths.

New Keystone condos and townhomes will sit closest to the chairlifts, to provide Keystone ski-in, ski-out properties. A smaller number of single family homes will be situated a little farther from the chairlifts.

Vail Resorts Development Company was in the process of gaining approval from the county for the redevelopment, but when the economy slowed, it withdrew its application and is now looking at waiting several years before beginning the project.

Before the company begins the new Keystone Co real estate development project near Keystone Mountain House, it will build 183 condo units in the River Run Village, using the current Hunky Dory pay parking lot to create high-end Keystone ski-in, ski-in condos.

The luxury Keystone condos will be adjacent to the base of the gondola, which Keystone Resort recently revamped by extending it farther into River Run Village and constructing a skier bridge that leads directly to the gondola from Dercum’s Dash.

The county has already approved the projects, which will spread over two parcels. The entire project, named One River Run, will include a new ski school, rental shop, bar, restaurant and skier services on the first two levels of the five-story building. Rock Resort will manage the Keystone ski-in, ski-out condos, which will also include a bar, pool, hot tubs, fitness room and ski valet.

Intrawest sold Copper Mountain

Intrawest sold Copper Mountain in December, after the Vancouver-based company, known for lavishly developing ski area bases, suffered from the nationwide real estate sales decline. The company that owns Intrawest, Fortress Investment Group LLC, had to pay off debt related to ski areas it owned, including Squaw Valley in California, which it also sold.

Intrawest sold Copper Mountain

Intrawest purchased Copper in 1996 and redeveloped its base area by adding high-end condos and shops. It spent a few hundred million dollars building up Copper’s main village, a move that did revitalize the village, both in real estate dollars and entertainment and food spending.

Now Powdr Corp., which hails from Utah, owns Copper Mountain, as well as the luxurious Park City Mountain Resort, Vermont’s Killington and Pico, Boreal and Soda Springs in California, Mt. Bachelor in Oregon and La Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort.

Powdr Corp. spent $107 million for Copper Mountain, which is it also soa good sign for Summit County real estate and the ski industry in general, because it affirms that a savvy company is willing to back its belief in the growth of the ski industry and related real estate.

The Copper Mountain real estate transaction included 27 parcels of improved commercial real estate, 27 parcels of vacant commercial land, five vacant development parcels and some employee units, fee-simple condos and vacant residential real estate.

Copper Mountain’s president, Gary Rodgers, wrote a letter to Copper Mountain real estate owners, saying the move is positive – one that will benefit not only Copper, but also Summit County Co real estate as a whole.

Powdr Corp.’s corporate vision involves “preserving and enhancing (the) mountain experience for generations to come.” In doing so, it is committed to protecting the environment and has reduced its carbon footprint by 50.64%, by using energy efficient measures and buying renewable energy credits, according to its website.

Buyers Real Estate Opportunities in Summit County Mountain

skiinskioutcondosBlueSkyBreckenridge 000 001 Buyers Real Estate Opportunities in Summit County MountainBest Wishes for a Fantastic 2010!

The 2010 ski season is well on its way and we just had a record turnout for the X Games. It is amazing to see what people are doing on skis and snowboards these days. I hope you were able to see some of these impressive events.

The Breckenridge, Keystone  and Summit County real estate market is showing signs of a recovery from the down turn experienced in the fall of 2008. We have an excellent selection of Summit County condominiums, town homes, homes and home sites for buyers to choose from. There are great opportunities to get good buys – as there are highly motivated sellers making deals. We believe these opportunities are limited, so timing is of the essence. This is the best buyers market we have seen in years and we encourage you to take a look now rather than looking back later with regret.

One great opportunity is the BlueSky at Breckenridge – due to the correction in the real estate market, the prices at BlueSky at Breckenridge have been reduced. There is also excellent financing available for buyers. BlueSky at Breckenridge was completely sold out prior to it’s completion in 2007. The most recent 2 bedroom 2 bathroom residence was sold for less than the listing price of $799,000. BlueSky has received wonderful reviews for its cutting edge design, accommodations, ski in ski out access and spa services. I would be pleased to send you more information on this exciting new opportunity in Breckenridge, so just send me an e-mail requesting such.

With fantastic snow, fun filled events, blue skies, and great Summit County real estate opportunities, what are you waiting for? Let me know when you plan to be out this winter and how I may assist you in taking advantage of this great Buyer’s Market! I look forward to hearing from you and Happy 2010!

Check out the 2010 Mountain Places soon to be on our Colorado Mountain real estate website

Summit County Real Estate Sales Statistics 2009

Summit County Real Estate Sales Statistics 2009

Please click the link below to access the Sales Statistics.

2009 Statistics

What you will see (which should be no surprise to anyone) is 2008 significantly outperformed 2009 in each geographic area and in most property segments. The great news; however, can be seen in the Q4 versus Q3 numbers. Traditionally Q3 outperforms Q4 in both total transactions and consideration. 2009 marks a change to this trend with most geographic areas and property segments showing stronger numbers in Q4. Time will tell if we are on a recovery path, or if these numbers represent a variance from the normal trend. Jack Nicklaus

A couple of bright spots worth noting.

Copper Mountain, Inc. sold to Powdr Corp for $107 M.

Breckenridge single family residence sold for $8.25 M.

Interest rates remain low and money seems to be more readily available to qualified borrowers.

Title Company of the Rockies:

Summit County South: Summit County North:
235 South Ridge Street
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424
970.453.6120 (Direct Dial)
970.453.9077 (Fax)
701 North Summit Blvd., Ste B
Alpine Bank Bldg., 2nd Flr.
Frisco, Colorado 80443
970.668.2001 (Direct Dial)
970.668.2002 (Fax)

Land Title Guarantee Company 2009 Year End December Market Analysis, How to Look Up Foreclosures and LTGC’s Rate Calculator

Summit County real estate ends 2009 on a high note with December being the strongest month at $102,685,700 in Monetary Volume and 178 transactions.

Attached, you will find the Land Title Guarantee Company December Year End 2009 Market Analysis.  There are 11 PDF files attached.

  • For the Year End Report- Market Snapshot- comparing Full Year 2008 vs. Full Year 2009 by Area and Property Type Comparison. Sales believed to be inaccurate indicators of the market have been eliminated in this report. The top graph shows the Average Price Comparison.  The bottom graph shows the Median Price Comparison- This graph only shows full interest, Fee Simple, Arms- Length transactions.

  • Summit County 2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009 Graph Comparison. This graph shows 6 full years for comparison! Read more »

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