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Update on Dam Road alternatives

The Denver Water Board is paying HDR Engineering $52,180 to present road alternatives to the Dam Road. HDR gave 15 routes as alternatives, ranging from $18 million to $49 million.

Denver Water officials admitted they can’t afford building a new road but said grants from the Department of Homeland Security may help.

But they’re still suggesting three “viable” options, mostly originating from the existing road and dumping out in Silverthorne, at Stephen’s Way, Wildernest or Anemone Trail.

Local officials say such routes would strain Silverthorne’s    I-70 Interstate , which is one of the busiest in Colorado. They prefer to keep the Dam Road open, perhaps by building a bridge over the dam, and add that they don’t have the money to maintain another road.

Denver officials said, on Aug. 1, that they weren’t sure of their next move, but they’d keep locals in the loop.

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Supporting the children

Colorado made headlines when legislation stating employers must allow working mothers to breastfeed passed.  

Sen. Dan Gibbs supported it, saying that it helps babies’ health, with so many working mothers in Summit County.  

Summit Prevention Alliance is providing grants up to $500 for local businesses to help accommodate breastfeeding, by creating private rooms or providing refrigerators for milk. It’s not acceptable for bathroom stalls to be mothers’ only option.

Meanwhile, Lake Dillon Preschool made progress for children by completing its $115,000 playground, after fundraising for seven years. It provides fall zones that are bouncy, as well as safer fences.

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Old Dillon Reservoir is going away fast

lake Old Dillon Reservoir is going away fast

If you’ve never taken the short hike up to the Old Dillon Reservoir, located off of the Dam Road, you may have missed out, because the town of Dillon is draining it. Within a day, the lake went down a foot.

But if you fish, it’s a great time to catch and keep the fish.

Dead pine trees add to an already compromised dam; if the trees fall (thus uprooting), it will weaken the dam’s capacity to hold water. A break would flood Interstate 70 and companies in Silverthorne. The lake spans 10 acres.

Drained water will go back into the Salt Lick Creek, and the process will occur over the next month.

Like the closing of the Dam Road in early July, the news came abruptly and required “immediate action,” after a regularly scheduled inspection.

But the reservoir won’t be gone for long — next year, they’ll start building a new dam to hold water again, and they’ll restock it with fish.

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CSAP scores are strong

Students in Summit County have always done well on the state’s assessment tests, and

breckenridge school1 CSAP scores are strong

last school year was no exception; they scored above average, though they did score lower when compared to their 2007 scores.

But, third-grade students who speak Spanish — most of them as a first language — didn’t do as well. At Dillon Valley Elementary School, 78% scored less than the average, which was 70%. Silverthorne third graders did poorly as well.

Fifth graders did better; in Dillon Valley, 65% scored average or higher. The scores also showed much improvement in fourth graders, which officials say is evidence that the schools’ teaching systems are working.

As a result, the state’s Department of Education is conducting a pilot program in the Summit School District for three years to help Hispanic students achieve better results. The district will receive between $200,000 and $300,000 a year to put into new academic programs.

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Montessori school in Alma expands

alma Montessori school in Alma expandsIf you’re looking at moving to Alma, you might want to know it’s not such a cowpoke town. In fact, it has a Montessori school, which is now accepting children ages 18 months through third grade this fall.

Its capacity is nearly doubling, from taking in 12 students, to 22. Director Jesse Hoehn hopes to keep expanding, up to accommodating sixth graders.

The school opened in 2006 and plans to be certified by the international Montessori association in two years.

Dillon and Breckenridge also have Montessori schools. The method of instruction engages all of the body’s senses in order for students to learn better.

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Dam Road reopens, with limitations

After so many Summit County locals and officials expressed discontent over the Dam Road closing, the Denver Water Board gave in — mostly.

The board reopened the road Friday, but the Dam Road will only remain open in the daytime, and Read more »

Global warming may affect winters

global warming Global warming may affect wintersA new report about impacts the apparently changing climate may have on Colorado came out July 23, 2008, from the University of Maryland’s Center for Integrative Environmental Research.

A major concern for resort towns in Colorado, including Summit County, is the warming effect of the climate on skiing, and thus tourism. Colorado is the biggest ski state in the nation. In 2007, skiing created Read more »

Dam Road continues debates

 Dam Road continues debatesJust days after the Denver Water Board abruptly closed the Dam Road between Dillon and Frisco, it got sued.

County commissioners, neighboring towns and the Lake Dillon Fire-Protection District sued jointly, saying the board improperly closed the Dam Road.

The locals want a judge to demand the board reopen the road. Lake Dillon Fire-Protection also issued a notice saying that placing barriers on the road violated international fire code, and, if barriers were not removed, the infraction would be turned over to the sheriff’s office. The board rearranged the barriers so fire trucks could get through, though personnel still has to get out of fire trucks to unlock the gate, causing delay. Read more »

Childcare tough to come by in Summit County

77 Childcare tough to come by in Summit County

If you’re moving to Summit County full time and have kids who need childcare, beware: Childcare is hard to come by up here.

One friend of mine who lives in Frisco had to quit her well-paying job when she couldn’t find space to enroll her infant in daycare last year. About 120 Summit County kids are on a waiting list for daycare.

Meanwhile, some daycare centers that were open a year or more ago are closed. Kinderhut, at the base of Breckenridge Peak 8 in Breckenridge, closed April, 2008, after 17 years of business. It accommodated drop-in daycare. It has been replaced by retail stores.

The good news is that the town of Breckenridge Colorado is stepping up and building a new childcare center, called the Timberline Learning Center, scheduled to open Aug. 1, 2008. It should be able to take care of 68 kids. The bad news is that during the needs assessment the town did, it discovered two facilities, not just one, would be necessary to meet the community’s needs. For more information on Timberline, e-mail:

Another daycare center that used to help local parents that has remained closed for more than a year is the Pumpkin Patch at Copper Mountain. In April 2007, it closed, after allegations that employees put unlit cigarettes in infants’ mouths and took pictures. Criminal charges were not filed, but the center hasn’t reopened since its licensure suspension. Copper Mountain is looking for other childcare providers to partner with and is holding the space vacant for the day another facility opens. The Belly Button Bakery remains operational for short-term daycare for tourists during the winter.

Dam Road closed permanently?

 Dam Road closed permanently? On Tuesday, July 8, drivers had a rude awakening: The Dillon Dam Road, which connects Dillon to Frisco, was closed, not just for construction or a rockslide, but for good.

Denver Water officials closed the Dam Road “indefinitely,” without even warning local officials. Emergency services often use the road and only had a matter of hours to   figure out other options to travel quickly between Dillon and Frisco. Needless to say, at least one Summit County official had some choice words that aren’t suitable for print.

The Summit Daily reported that Denver water commissioner Penfield Tate said the water board wasn’t aware of an imminent threat, but Read more »

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