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Save your Home by Getting Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

bad credit mortgage refinance Save your Home by Getting Bad Credit Mortgage RefinanceGetting home is every one dreams of. When you are facing debt and tend to have bankruptcy then it is important to save home. Due to debt the credit score gets badly affected and it lead to have poor credit score. At this moment when you try to apply for the then it is necessary that you remember some facts about it in advance. This would help you in knowing about how to apply for the mortgage refinance even in bad credit score. When you are suffering from bad credit score then it became difficult for one to apply for the home mortgage refinance loan. Therefore it is important to acquire such loan which would actually serve you to save your home.

When people are looking for the bad credit mortgage refinance the first thing which the people mostly do nowadays is to Read more »

Asbestos Insulation Information

asbestos insulation Asbestos Insulation Information Located in the Western and Southwestern regions o f the United States, the state of Colorado is highly regarded for its beautiful scenery, mountains, rivers and a diverse, laid back way of life. It is so easy to see why its real estate is some of the most desirable in the country. Potential home buyers will become enamored with the magnificent pleasures that come with purchasing a home. However, it is also a time when additional responsibilities may arise. Having the assistance of an experienced and reliable Colorado real estate agent can make this process stress free and easy. Used throughout the 20th century to insulate pipes, boilers and in roofing, asbestos gained recognition due to its resistance to heat and electrical conductivity. Asbestos typically appeared in Read more »

Real Estate Market Analysis: Garfield County

Garfield County boasts Glenwood Springs, a quaint and historic town that also offers one of the largest pools filled with natural hot springs. It also includes towns like Rifle, current popular for oil drilling.

January through August of 2008 showed an increase in the average price of homes, from Read more »

Sales on national scale look better

Lower prices and better interest rates are beginning to appeal to home buyers nationwide.

On Oct. 8, the National Association of Realtors reported that sales contracts in August increased by 7.4% from July, to 93.4%. The surge in sales nationwide is even greater than last August (2007), when it was at 85.8%. This marks the highest Pending Home Sales Index since June 2007.

(The index represents approximately 20% of signed contracts on homes that haven’t yet closed. When the index measures 100, it equals the average activity throughout 2001, which was when the index began.)

In the Western United States, the home sales index jumped 18.4% in August, and it is 37.8% higher than it was a year ago.

The West saw the largest growth in the Pending Home Sales Index, compared to an 8.4% increase in the Northeast, 3.6% in the Midwest and 2.3 % increase in the South.

This indicates that investing in the Western portion of the United States is a smart move, and since Summit County has not seen a decrease in sales price (but rather an increase), it’s wise to look into real estate in the area.

Forecasters predict that sales will grow by 2-3% in 2009, following the national slump in 2008 or 5-8%. They also predict a 30-year mortgage will have about a 6.1% interest rate at the end of the year and increase slowly to 6.6%.
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Foreclosures lead to cheaper investments

Some Denver investors are buying homes for $100,000 or less on the Front Range, and then renting them for up to $450 more than their mortgage and taxes. Many are located in Aurora, Green Valley Ranch, Montbello, southwest Denver and Commerce City.  Homes selling for less than $100,000 on the Front Range have increased substantially since 2005. That year, 355 properties sold for under $100,000, but in the first nine months of 2008, 2,015 homes have sold in that price range — nearly 90% were foreclosures. Foreclosures in 2007 in the Denver metro area jumped 41% since 2006. And so far this year, foreclosures are up 9% over the same time frame last year. However, investors may not be able to find as many good deals in the very near future. Colorado’s Division of Housing is spending about $88 million to purchase Breckenridge foreclosures, which will help about 15% of endangered homeowners.

An overview from a recent study of National Association of Realtors

Due to the nationwide home price decrease, home sales increased in 13 states from the first three months in 2008. Most were in states where property values quickly dropped, such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Virginia, Florida and Idaho (the latter of which saw the largest gain in sales, at 51.7%).

Nationwide, the average second homeowner is 59 years old, married and makes $120,600 annually. According to the National Association of Realtors, many of these buyers acquire Read more »

Buyers looks like it is time to jump in and buy real estate in Summit County

summit county real estate Buyers looks like it is time to jump in and buy real estate in Summit CountyIt’s always hard to say for certain when the best time to buy or sell real estate is, but right now people who want to purchase real estate in Summit County have a lot of strong incentives. First of all, interest rates are great; the already low rates have decreased by about a half percent since the government took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Now is the time to lock in a favorable interest rate on your property. Read more »