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Solar comes to Frisco

frisco solar Solar comes to FriscoFrisco ushered in its first solar-powered project in a commercial building in September 2008.

Panels installed by Grid Feeders (in Vail) provide about 35 percent of the electricity used in the building at 101 W. Main St.

When the building was first constructed in 1979, it was meant to be a solar building, as evidenced by windows, or skylights, that make up the slanting south-face of the building. However, the glass caused the building to heat up too much, and tenants had to use air conditioning nearly all year to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The solar panels owner Rob Philippe installed cost $80,000, but Xcel pitched in $45,000, and Philippe will get a tax credit of about $10,500 for the project.


Frisco looks for affordable housing

frisco real estate Frisco looks for affordable housing

The town of Frisco owns Peak One Parcel, which it plans to build affordable housing on. Currently, second homeowners occupy 65% of Frisco’s properties. The town is searching for a private entity to partner with them and create such attainable housing.