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2010 Summit County Real Estate Statistics Q2 vs Q1

Summit County Statistics

I hope you all enjoyed your summer and benefited from the uptick in Summit County real estate activity. With transactions on the rise, sales prices trending downward, and mortgage rates at an all-time low, I am confident we will have a solid end to the 2010 real estate season.

Highlights worth mentioning:

Second Quarter 2010 significantly outperformed First Quarter summ2010 in all areas with the exception of Copper Mountain.

Second Quarter 2010 outperformed Second Quarter 2009 in all areas with the exception of Copper Mountain indicating a sustained improvement in overall market conditions.

The above statements hold true for both Transactions and Total Consideration; however, with Transactions (%) out pacing Total Consideration (%) we continue to see a downward trend in sales prices. This is a positive trend for our market activity and a phenomenal opportunity for your Buyers. Sellers will continue to feel the pressure from dropping sales prices.

Q2 vs. Q1

The Silverthorne – Dillon market experienced a Transaction increase of 84% and Consideration increase of 80%.

The Breckenridge real estate– Blue River market experienced a Transaction increase of 74% and Consideration increase of 104%.