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Breckenridge Events Activities October 16-22. 2008

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Thursday, October 16

(s) Arts Alive Presents: Colorado Colors – 11am-5pm at 500 South Main Street (La Cima Mall). Summit County’s only local co-op Gallery celebrates autumn with a new show, Colorado Colors. Featured artists of the month include Cat Roberts, watercolorist. 970 453-0450 for more info. Read more »

Resort Real Estate Index by County through August 2008

summit county real estate statistics1 Resort Real Estate Index by County through  August 2008 You will find five worksheets within this spreadsheet:

Monthly Gross Volume Transaction Comparison- Shows the Monthly Gross Volume Comparison Transactions for each county through August 2008. It also shows the Gross Transaction Report Summary YTD 2008, YTD 2007, YTD 2006 and full years of 2005 and 2004.

Gross Volume for New Construction-The % Gross number compares the YTD Gross Volume of New

Construction to the YTD Gross Overall Volume for 2008.

For 2007, it’s a full year on both. It does not compare the number of sales – rather the total sales volume in these categories.

Gross Number of Transactions-YTD 2008 and Full Year 2007.

Single Family Housing Index-Average Single Family Home YTD 2008, # of Transactions YTD for  Single Family Homes and Full Year of 2007.

Of Interest-Sales Transactions recorded that show the Grantor as a bank or lending institution ( Actual sales that went all the way through),New Construction Sales Summary: 2008 through 2006, Residential Unit Distribution by Price Point from 2007 Assessment of Actual Value, and the Median Home Price Summary 2007 vs.2006.

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Copper Mountain goes green

Copper Mountain development is focusing on sustainable living. Copper installed a 4.2 kilowatt solar system to generate power for part of the transportation center. Its new training facility, Camp Woodward, will earn the Green Globes certification. Its efforts will help combat the rating it got in 2007 by the Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition as the worst “green” ski area in the West.

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Foreclosures lead to cheaper investments

Some Denver investors are buying homes for $100,000 or less on the Front Range, and then renting them for up to $450 more than their mortgage and taxes. Many are located in Aurora, Green Valley Ranch, Montbello, southwest Denver and Commerce City.  Homes selling for less than $100,000 on the Front Range have increased substantially since 2005. That year, 355 properties sold for under $100,000, but in the first nine months of 2008, 2,015 homes have sold in that price range — nearly 90% were foreclosures. Foreclosures in 2007 in the Denver metro area jumped 41% since 2006. And so far this year, foreclosures are up 9% over the same time frame last year. However, investors may not be able to find as many good deals in the very near future. Colorado’s Division of Housing is spending about $88 million to purchase Breckenridge foreclosures, which will help about 15% of endangered homeowners.

Summit County tries to mitigate wildfire threats

dead trees Summit County tries to mitigate wildfire threatsSummit County Wildfire Council is thinning and removing dead trees in about a third of the areas adjacent to neighborhoods that are most prone to wildfires. Just this is costing more than $13 million.

The council lists 27 high-risk areas, including those in the Acorn Creek subdivision and in the Lower Blue Valley. Ptarmigan in Silverthorne also made the list, partially because of its steepness and dirt road access.

Now that many pine trees have died from the pine beetle, shorter grasses and shrubs, which can act as fuel for fire, are growing.

The biggest obstacle to removing dead pine trees is cost. Experts estimate the cost between $6,000 and $8,000 an acre, and federal funding isn’t coming through, so the burden is left to the state and private citizens.

Keystone gets virtual website

On Sept. , Keystone Resort launched a virtual tour on its website through EveryScape. Now web surfers can “walk” through the region, including the interiors of restaurants and hotels. Visitors can do the same with Breckenridge ski resort.

182 Campion Trail Breckenridge Custom Home

182 campion trail breckenridge 182 Campion Trail Breckenridge Custom Home


Another Pinnacle Mountain Homes’ classic, this beautifully crafted mountain rustic home is nestled within walking distance to all Read more »

Breckenridge Events, Activities October 9-15 2008

Thursday, October 9
(s) Arts Alive Presents:  Colorado Colors – 11am-5pm at 500 South Main Street (La Cima Mall).  Summit County’s only local co-op Gallery celebrates autumn with a new show, Colorado Colors.  Featured artists of the month include Cat Roberts, watercolorist.  970 453-0450 for more info.
(h) Breckenridge Colorado Heritage Alliance Sites and Tours –Today’s available historic sites and tours include: Rotary Snowplow Park 12-4 p.m.; Historic Walking Tour 11 a.m.; Barney Ford House Museum 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call Read more »

Blue River property tax vote

The mayor and treasurer of Blue River support a ballot issue aimed at increasing Blue River property owners’ average tax bill by at least $41, but in the town known for residents who resist taxes, people opposing the measure have become vocal.

Allyn Mosher, the town treasurer, says the extra money is crucial for the town. But even council members disagree.

The measure would eliminate the current 12.29 mill levy, in place since 1995, and give the town authority to set the amount, as long as it didn’t go over Colorado’s limit of 5.5% increase annually. Approval could mean $33,800 more for Blue River next year. But in 2007, the town asked voters for a tax hike, and they didn’t approve it. The money would have built another bridge, creating an alternative route for residents to get out of town in case of emergency. Currently, property taxes contribute to approximately 2/3 of Blue River‘s nearly $712,000 budget.
Opposition to the bill want to see the town decrease its spending.

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August Summit County property values are positive

According to Land Title Guarantee Company, the number of sales is continuing to decline. But the good news is that the values of homes continue to go up, although not as quickly as they did from 2006 to 2007.

In general, Summit County real estate is still strong, despite economic problems throughout the nation. Read more »

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