Preparing Your Home For Sale

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Preparing Your Home For Sale
Preparing Your Home For Sale
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                                     Preparing Your Home For Sale


A home is the most major investment most people will make in their lifetime.  When preparing your home for sale, remember that the appearance you present can mean the difference between receiving an offer or having the potential buyer walk away from your home.  With a few easy steps, prospective buyers will be more likely to choose your home to become their own.


When a prospective buyer arrives at your home, their first impression will color how they view everything they later see.  The curb appeal your home presents is of utmost importance, because what is outside your home is what will first be seen.  Maintain your yard, keeping your lawn well groomed, your sidewalks free from debris, your front door gleaming and any external fixtures like lights and your doorbell in working order.  Ensuring the interior of your home is free from debris is also key.  All hallways and stairways need to be completely cleared of clutter.  Attics, basements, mudrooms, laundry rooms and any other area that typically collects storage items need to be cleaned out and straightened up.  While your house is on the market, dust and vacuum on a daily basis, or invest in a professional housecleaning service for the duration.


Once a prospective buyer enters your home, a few key details will make an immediate impression.  A minor monetary and physical investment that will payoff is painting – well presented rooms are rooms that sell.  And how better to see your walls are than by opening your curtains and allowing the sun to stream in, presenting a cheerful and attractive your home is.  Extend the cheer to your bathrooms – soap scum, rust and water stains should be taken care of long before the first looker comes to your home.


Make sure that your home is in the best possible condition prior to showing by taking the “must fix” items from your to-do list to your already-done list.  First and foremost, fix any plumbing and electrical problems, as they are not only unattractive but can cause flags to appear when your home is inspected.  If a faucet leaks, fix it.  If a circuit is blown, replace it.  Anything that squeaks, squawks or rumbles needs attention – now!  Make sure that all doorknobs and handles are tight, all hinges are well oiled, all stuck windows are addressed and all doors close properly and open completely.

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