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 About 2.5 miles to the north of Breckenridge on Highway 9 lies Breckenridge Paintball, the premier paintball destination in Summit County.  An extreme sport deserves an extreme locale, and you will be hard pressed to find a place more extreme than here, high up in the Colorado Rockies.  Sprawling over 30 acres of land the paintball fields are as massive as the locale is extreme.

Combine extreme locale with mild temperatures and you find yourself with a perfect paintball course.  Just because the sport is extreme doesn't mean the heat has to be.  Breckenridge features average temperatures of 70 degrees during the summer, so the only sweat you'll work up while running through the Breckenridge Paintball fields is from running through the trees at fast speeds to catch up to your opponent.

Three fields welcome the Breckenridge Paintball visitor.  It begins with the Inflatable Bunkers Tournament Field, a flat, cleared field with trees lining it on either side.  The course is designed with inflatable bunkers (hence the name) to create plenty of obstacles to work through.  A crisp, clean feel with plenty of fast-paced excitement the tournament field is perfect for capture the flag, speedball and last man standing.

If you're looking for a more rugged field, check out the Woods Course.  28,000 sq. feet of land littered with Colorado pine trees.  The course includes man-made bunkers as well as natural hiding spots, so you can take your pick.  If you an extreme paintballer who wants to get down in the dirt and dash between trees before blasting away your opponent, the woods course is for you.  The Woods Course provides countless hours of paintballing fun at Paintball.

The most massive of the three fields of play at Paintball is the “MONSTER” wooded courses, ideal for large groups.  This massive course covers an impressive 5.2 acres of land, all throughout the natural woods of the Colorado Rockies region. Be prepared for true woods action on the “MONSTER” course.  All the obstacles here are natural.  Rock outcroppings, ravines, fallen trees and water features abound.  For serious paintballers only, get ready to get lost in the great outdoors as you search for the enemy and blast him away.

Breckenridge Paintball is fully equipped to service you with whatever require for your paintballing adventure in their 5,000 square foot lodge.  There is no better place in Summit County to enjoy a day of competition.  Whether you are an avid paintballer who owns all his own equipment or you have never partaken in the sport as well you are welcome here.  Bringing your own equipment is encouraged, although everyone must play with paintballs.

Planning to host an event?  A birthday party, a team building day, thinking of activities for a conference?  Paintball is ready to accommodate them all in their magnificent facilities.  Prices are reasonable and you know everyone will have a great time participating in one of America's favorite extreme sports.



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