Breckenridge Improvements and Landscaping

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Improvements and Landscaping
Breckenridge Improvements and Landscaping
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Improvements and Landscaping

Ensure that your home will sell faster and at a higher price by making improvements inside and out and updating the landscaping that will become your prospective buyer’s first impression.  The improvements you make can include the projects you’ve long put off to upgrade the amenities in your home as well as anything that has broken while you’re lived in the house.  The expense that you go through to prepare you home to sell is dependant upon you – upgrades can be entirely voluntary, but can improve your selling experience.  You should consider anything that needs to be fixed as a mandatory project – not only will it impact how your home sells, it can become a mandatory “to-do” when you begin drawing up your contract to sell.

Take a walk through your house, but view it as if you’ve never seen it before.  What do you notice?  Is anything broken?  Shabby?  Those items need to be at the head of your list.  Any appliance that will remain in your home after sale, including your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, hot water heater and HVAC need to be in running order and free from any disabling condition.  Look at your cabinets, carpets and tiling – as a purely aesthetic feature, how well these items present can dramatically impact how your home is viewed.  If it’s dirty, clean it.  If it’s broken or worn, replace it.  If it doesn’t show well and isn’t necessary, remove it.

The yard surrounding your home can have as much to do with its sale as the interior.  Ensure that your yard is well-maintained, including a neatly trimmed lawn and attractive, attention-getting trim.  Evaluate your yard – does it create an atmosphere that invites others in to relax and rejuvenate or does it simply blend in with the rest of your neighborhood.  Consider planting shrubbery and cheerful plants – for a short amount of time and little amount of financial outlay, your yard can go from boring to beautiful and sell that much faster.  Critically evaluate your lawn as a whole – is it lush and green, or do you need to invest in replacing portions with new sod.  Check out the fixtures of your yards – driveway, sidewalk, lights and more.  Repair any cracks and unevenness in paved surfaces; replace cracked lights and fixtures get ready for the hordes that will come.

Additions, beyond the purely necessary, can sometimes be your best friend in selling your home.  Invest in a book from your local bookstore that gives advice on employing feng shui while adding attractive interior decoration to your home’s appeal.  On a small scale, consider upgrading your doorknobs, counters and cabinets.  On a larger scale, evaluate options for adding a deck or patio to your home.  After you’ve made your “must-do” improvements, any other options are the gravy on top.  With a touch of moderation and a critical eye, you can help to sell your home faster while realizing its full value.


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