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  How do you know you’ll be on a trail that has been well maintained? Are you allowed to camp off of these trails? What happens if you get lost?

 There are a few basic Breckenridge hiking locations in Summit County that will lead you to challenging heights with out the disappointing effects of bad trail maintenance or the panic of getting lost. Buy a good set of Breckenridge hiking boots, sunscreen and bug spray, because there are trail backpacking in Breckenridge Colorado is the Colorado Trail. This trail is a well maintained work of art that stretches through the Rockies from Denver to Durango. It is divided into 287 manageable chunks. Sections seven and eight are accessible for Breckenridge hiking from Copper Mountain. For an even higher experience, sections nine and ten are a reasonable distance from Leadville for hiking. Bring a map with you just in case, and always by a hiking pass, but these trails will be clearly s up here that will be worth the time and the trip!
  The gold standard of Breckenridge hiking and marked and frequently traveled, though they are not beginners’ trails.
If you are up for the challenge of a hard hike, but not for the pain of sleeping on the ground at night, you should look into the Hut Associations. The trails are more along the lines of suggestion routes, and a map is basically required to get from point A to point B, but the experience ends each night with a real bed and a real roof in a volunteer maintained cabin.

  In Summit County you can go Breckenridge hiking on the paths suggested by the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association or the Summit Hut Association. While these two groups share a few huts in common, they follow very different paths across the mountains. Either way, be sure to plan your trip well in advance. Summers are usually booked a year in advance for both associations, and even skiing and snowshoeing treks are booked six months our for the Tenth Mountain huts.
  With both the Breckenridge Colorado Trail and the Hut associations you can take the trips a section at a time. No one expects you tackle ¾ of the length of the state in one trip, or 350 miles of Summit County Back County Breckenridge hiking over the weekend. Choose the stretches that you feel comfortable taking. That might be a single overnight in one hut and Breckenridge hiking back to the car the next day, or it could be a week of hiking that takes you past Copper Mountain, Leadville and Vail.
  When you are making your preparations for advanced Breckenridge hiking or backpacking trips like these, don’t skip on the preparations. I’m sure you will be carrying enough water and food! I trust you. Don’t forget you hiking/backpacking license. While it is legal to go Breckenridge hiking without one, the 2 or 5 dollar fee will cover the cost of a search and rescue mission if the worst should happen. The cost of the fueling the rescue helicopter would be enough to damage most people’s finances permanently, and that doesn’t include the pilots’ fee’s or the cost of ground sweepers and hounds. We always prefer not to get lost, but preparation is the best route in any case!


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