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 Enjoy a Weekend Getaway at Green Mountain Reservoir

Green Mountain Reservoir is something that you simply have to see to believe.  Located in beautiful Summit Country Colorado the area is filled by natural wonders and opportunities to enjoy nature, and Green Mountain Reservoir just happens to be one of them.  There are opportunities to do just about everything that you dream of doing in the great outdoors, and then some.  While many areas of the country are now overly developed and leave a lot to be desired in the way of wildlife and natural tree growth, this is simply not the case when you visit this delightful area of Colorado.

The dam of Green Mountain Reservoir is on the western slope, and is located just 13 miles southeast of Kremmling Colorado.  The dam is on the Blue River, which is actually a tributary of the Colorado River.  The area has many opportunities for recreation including six beautiful campgrounds, 208 developed campsites, and two boat launch facilities, so that there is room for everyone to enjoy Green Mountain Reservoir.  Also for the enjoyment of those that come to the great outdoors for a day or weekend of fun is a great beach safe for swimming, as well as areas that are perfect for catching fish, if you would like to catch your diner while enjoying nature. 

Fishing is the most popular activity in Green Mountain Reservoir.  There are 2,125 acres available for fishing, so you can really have a great time.  If one area is not allowing you to catch some fish, you can always move around until you hit that spot that is just right where all the fish seem to be biting.  The Reservoir is good for all types of fish, including brown trout, rainbow trout, as well as salmon.  While fishing is very popular in the area, boating is also very common, as is camping.  Many people choose to come to Green Mountain Reservoir for several days so that they can fish during the day and enjoy camping in the area at night.

The old and young alike will enjoy Green Mountain Reservoir because there is something for everyone.  There is not a dictated sport or activity, each person is simply left to do what they please with nature.  Whether a picnic or water skiing is your speed, you’ll find that Green Mountain Reservoir is simply a lovely place to be almost anytime of the year.

To get to Green Mountain Reservoir one simply needs to take state highway 9 about 10 miles south of Kremmling and then there will be signage that will not allow you to miss this natural wonder.  The campgrounds are open during the late spring, summer, and early fall but they do close in the winter due to heavy snowfall, ice, and impassable roads.

Green Mountain Reservoir is simply a great place to spend free time boating, camping, fishing, hunting, picnicking, enjoying water sports and winter sports, and viewing wildlife.  While it’s not far from civilization, Green Mountain Reservoir offers a safe haven or perfect respite for city folk when they just need some time away from home, from work, and the hustle and bustle of their every day lives.


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