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  The first steps of learning to climb are equally valid in a gym on a sterile climbing wall as they are on the rocks out in the wilderness. Learning to belay and rappel and building up the strength in your hands, feet, and legs are vital first steps to the sport. There are excellent climbing walls in Breckenridge and Vail where the coaches can drill you in knot tying and proper stances.
   After mastering the basics, you will be craving to climb on a real rock face overlooking Lake Dillon in Summit County . There are a half dozen adventure and mountaineering Breckenridge companies that can help you plan that trip. They will need an honest estimation of your experience, so no bragging. They will also want to know how long you want to be out and how many people will be joining you. While solo trips with only the guide for company are nice, the Breckenridge recreation center organizes group climbing for parents, children, students, and couples. Sharing your success and failures with friends and learning the sport together gives the sport an entirely new dimension.
   Professional Breckenridge climbing retreats in Vail Valley Summit County and the surrounding areas are wonderful exercises as well. You can stay in cabins for a few nights, sharing space with people you’ve only known during the day, then trek into the mountains around Vail to learn climbing techniques. Allowing your secretary to belay for you is the ultimate “trust fall” and you will never look at your pastor or softball coach the same way again after the first time he falls.
   Once you’ve gotten comfortable with top-anchored climbing, rappelling, and belaying it may be time to move onto more advanced climbing techniques. Mountaineering courses around Silverthorne teach advanced climbing and other skills that are vital to surviving a long trek. These will teach you about high blundering, setting your own anchors and pulley systems, and eventually the use of gadgets like the portable ledge.
   While mountaineering involves a great deal of climbing, it is more than a simple summer sport. Breckenridge Lessons in avalanche avoidance and survival are handy to any one planning a cold weather climb around Copper Mountain or Vail. Ice climbing uses much of the same equipment as plain rock climbing, but requires a different mindset, clothing, and some specialized equipment to fight gravity and increase friction. Glacial and snow climbing are a third activity that will exercise your awareness as much as your body, and there a plenty of Summit County locations for snow climbing. Ask any avid winter climber, and they will tell you that learning to hear the snow and really feel the ice will save you a lot of pain. In case those tricks don’t help, it would be good to take a few first aid and survival courses while you are preparing. Just in case, of course.
   You can have a lifetime of excitement with rock Breckenridge climbing at various level of effort. My niece and my 6o year old father go free-climbing together at the annual family gathering in Leadville and have done so since Kinsey was only three. We share the sport as a family as well as with our friends, competitors, and associates.





























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