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The scenery is without compare and there are hundred of choice locations for setting up camp. From the hut systems, to RV accessible camp grounds. From tents pitched trailside with only a map you get you home, to a camp area compete with latrines and a host, Breckenridge Summit County camping offers camping options for everyone.
The hut system was designed in Europe to give outdoorsmen of all levels the opportunity to experience the wilds in the way that suits them best. Each system is managed by a volunteer association. You make reservations to use a hut or a series of huts for a particular time and make that your base of operations. You may use a single hut for three nights as you explore the wilds of the surrounding area with a civilized base camp to come home to. You may book three huts that are inline with each other and trek from one to the next each day, resting up in a real bed overnight only to trek to the third hut the following day. The Tenth Mountain Division Hut Association and the Summit Hut Association intersect in Breckenridge Summit County and provide the best in American cabin camping. Using the huts takes a bit of planning, however. The associations require reservations and the huts are often booked a year in advance! Don’t rule out cabin camping for your winter activities, either. The Tenth Mountain Division Hut system is specifically designed to be trek-able on skis or snowshoes, and there is no winter camping quite like Camp Hale in December!
For people who are interesting in “car camping” or “park and pitch” camping, there are a variety of hosted campsites maintained by the parks department and the rangers along the Eagle River. There are electricity-free camping facilities available at Breckenridge with history, hiking, climbing, and any other day activity you might long for within hiking distance of the sites. There is also an impressive group camping facility for large parties who wish to camp together, like scout or church groups. For those campers as interested in tourism as mountaineering, Camp Hale is a short 15 minute commute from Breckenridge .
If you are more interested in setting up a base camp out of your RV, there are excellent electrified camping facilities available at the Tiger Run Resort in Breckenridge, leaving you within range of good hiking, skiing, fishing and 4WD. There are other RV accessible sites around the shores of Lake Dillon and the Green Mountain Reservoir. RV camping provides many of the comforts of home (such and beds and often even showers) for those who love the outdoors but can’t abide the inconvenience. I highly recommend Breckenridge RV camping for families with children and grandparents traveling together. While one age extreme or the other may be able to handle the discomforts of primitive camping, both would make a trip too difficult to be worth the effort.
Whatever your camping preference, you can find a good spot somewhere in Breckenridge Summit County. With so many public, private funded and volunteer operated camping sites from Leadville to Breckenridge, there is never an excuse to miss a weekend because you “couldn’t find a place.”





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Tiger Run Resort
85 Tiger Run Road, Breckenridge CO

A beautiful high-end RV resort located close to the ski area, golf course, biking, fishing and shopping. Tiger Run offers a clubhouse, free cable TV, indoor pool and hot tub, free shuttle to ski area, security, and luxury restrooms. Colorado’s premier RV resort caters to today’s high-end recreational vehicles.



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