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Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery

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Eat At The Breckenridge Brewery and Pub


If you are traveling to Breckenridge Colorado, chances are you are dreaming of snow, skiing, and the thrills of winter sports. But do not forget that you will need to stop and have something to eat while you are there. A great place to eat is the Breckenridge Brewery and Pub. Created in 1990, the brewery’s first location was the on historic Main Street in Breckenridge. You can enjoy American food here, and the service is great! Plan to enjoy a mean at the Breckenridge Brewery!


A trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, is a chance to explore some of the most beautiful winter countryside in America. Most visitors come here to enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and snow shoeing activities of the historic town. But, as with any vacation, visitors to Breckenridge need a place to eat! There are many restaurants to choose from in Breckenridge. A great place to get a bite to eat is the Breckenridge Brewery. The Breckenridge Brewery is the place where some of Colorado’s most famous handcrafted beers were created.


The Breckenridge Brewery and Pub can be found on South Main Street in the town of Breckenridge. Perhaps the Brewery is one of the most popular restaurants in Breckenridge. The restaurant has extremely dramatic views of the Colorado Rockies. You can see the mountains from the dining room or the restaurant’s patio, whichever you prefer.


The menu of the Breckenridge Brewery and Pub is what you would expect from a traditional brewery restaurant. As well as the large variety of alcoholic beverages, especially beer, you can enjoy burgers, sandwiches, salads, fish, and pasta. The restaurant is open daily at 11 AM. Plan to enjoy at least one lunch or dinner at this interesting location. It is very popular, though, so call ahead, or plan on waiting for a seat if you are in Breckenridge during the busy season.


The Breckenridge Brewery was founded by Richard Squire, a Colorado resident who enjoyed skiing and great beer. Skiing was plentiful in Breckenridge, but he found the great beer to be lacking. He began to brew beer in his home, and they were so popular that he found he no longer had time to ski! This was when he realized he could make a living making the drink. It was in 1990 when he opened the Breckenridge Brewery and Pub. The restaurant uses Richard’s original recipes when making their brew. Colorado now has three Breckenridge Brewery locations, the original in Breckenridge, and two in Denver. Denver also has a brewing and bottling facility, which was opened in 1996. With the bottling facility, the company now bottles their nationally popular beers to be sold around the country in fourteen states. The bottling facility has a tasting room, where visitors can watch the drink being made while enjoying tastes of their own. In just ten years time this company has seen tremendous growth! If you are in Breckenridge, plan on seeing this historic location.


The Breckenridge Brewery and Pub was designed around the brewery, so diners can enjoy a first-hand view of the brewery and the process of creating beer. The Trademark Pale and the Avalanche are some of the most popular beers with the locals. The mango spinach salad is one of the popular lunch dishes. For dinner, be sure to try fish, especially the pan-fried walleye. For lunch, plan to spend between five and ten dollars for your dish. At dinner, pan on eight to twenty dollars. The price is not high, and the food is good, so be sure you make the brewery one of your dining destinations.


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